EcigsCorner Talks on Green Smoke, One of the Top Brands of Electronic Cigarettes has good reputation as a balanced reviewer of different kinds of electronic cigarettes presently available in market. It rates these brands too, basing on certain important criteria. The portal has been a strong supporter of smokeless smoking. Here it gives new users a glimpse of top advantages of Green Smoke brand e cigs.

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Deerfield Beach, FL -- (SBWIRE) -- 12/24/2013 -- According to recent rankings of, Green Smoke brand is in number three position among the top ten leading brands. The portal explains how the brand could keep its popularity and demand in spite of stiff competition from other great brands. This brand employs two-piece design focusing on brining the latest innovation to its customers. This kind of electronic cigarettes have only two parts making it very easy to use and maintain them. The brand makes its cartomizers and batteries utilizing state-of-the-art technology. Other than changing exhausted cartomizers and charging depleted batteries, consumers need not bother anything about maintaining these products.

Click Here To Know More About The Best Brands Of Electronic Cig. is full of praise when it talks on batteries and cartomizers of Green Smoke. It says that these specially made lithium rechargeable batteries are robust and serve for longer periods between charges. This brand’s trademarked cartomizers are the best in the industry. They come in eight flavors, each of them giving vapors volumes that are equivalent to smoke volume of thirty normal cigarettes. This brands several types of starter kits such as Pro-Kit, Express-Kit, Lovebirds-Kit and Ultimate-Kit. It has low priced disposable cigarettes also. These devices do not need charging. Disposable cigarettes are available six-in-pack presentation and in a couple of flavors, Absolute Tobacco and Menthol ice with 1.8% nicotine. assures that Green Smoke electronic cigarettes have no odor. They are tar free and they do not leave lingering pungent smell. They are non-intrusive and can be enjoyed almost anywhere. Consumers are free from smokers breathe, stained teeth and foul smelling mouth. It is very easy to customize these products according to individual smoking requirements, as there is a large variety of flavors and starter kits. The brand offers best possible customer service. It gives lifetime warranty on its batteries and 30-day money back guarantee on its every product. Regular customers get discounts and free shipping. Several consumers who switched to this brand from tobacco cigarettes have reported their contentment and happiness with their choice.

Readers who want to join the bandwagon of Green Smoke happy customers can know more about the brand at the official web site of the company or at

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