Education Press Releases

Asis Massage Education Is Now ACCET Certified

“The aspiration that guides ASIS is to create a safe, supportive, and evocative learning environment, while celebrating the diversity, uniqueness, and beauty of each individual being’s body, mind, and soul.”

Isolation IQ Offers IT Troubleshooting Management Online Course to Build a Highly Efficient Technical Team

Raising confidence and productivity levels for IT teams Isolation IQ launches an online education course that takes the guesswork out of troubleshooting. The course provides 16 lectures and 2.5 hours of content education that elevates the skill set of every member of a manager’s technical team. Providing training for a process with specialized procedures, the online course helps technicians learn how to identify problems at their core. Noel Temena, Founder of Isolation IQ said of the IT training course, “Too many times technicians focus on fixing the problem rather than identifying it. Depending on their skill set, they often go on an exploratory process that’s too often guided by emotional reactions. That tact is nearly impossible to manage. With our online course we give managers and their teams the tools they need with a more standardized approach.”

Massage Therapy Assists in Improving Autism Spectrum Disorders in Children

LogoMillions of children worldwide are diagnosed of developmental disorders within the autism spectrum classification. According to the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention or CDC, autism diagnoses today are 1 in every 50 children from 1 in every 5,000 children in 1980. Studies also showed boys appear to be affected five times more than girls.

Young Drivers Rated #1 Driving School

Young Drivers of Canada announces that it has been named as Top Driving School by in a recent article that was published on March 30, 2014. The online article provides a breakdown of ten (10) driving schools located in the Toronto GTA area which provide a variety of driver education programs. Young Drivers of Canada came out on the top of the list.

Tutoring Website Announces a Trial Lesson for New Customers, a reputable online tutoring website, has just launched a trial lesson for new customers. Students who have not used the tutoring service before but would like to give it a try may purchase a one-hour trial lesson for just $9, which is a savings of $9.99. Offers Students Personalized Homework Help by Professional Online Math Tutors is an interactive learning platform that offers online tutoring to students for a variety of subjects at cost effective rates. Finding certified online math tutors and getting personalized homework help is often issue for students who want to excel at their studies and pave a rewarding career path for themselves. At times where getting professional assistance from trained teachers and experienced tutors is difficult, EDU Niche has emerged as a reliable online platform for online statistics tutoring and math homework help at affordable rates.

Southern Training Services Announces Free Business Training Program

Southern Training Services, the premier provider of small and medium sized business training in the UK, announced today the launch of a new training program being offered free to select businesses. The company’s primary focus is information and education for small to medium sized businesses on how to acquire customers in a more cost-effective manner.

Rock Christian Academy Offers Quality, Affordable Anaheim Christian School Option for OC Residents

While it may seem that finding an affordable Christian School in Orange County is an impossible task, there is a hidden gem in Christian Education in Anaheim.

TruMantra Schools: A Leader in Providing Integrative Approach to Massage Therapy Education

LogoTouch the body. Calm the mind. Heal the Spirit. These what makes massage therapy a holistic approach. It does not only soothe one’s body pains, it also brings inner peace.

Blanca Cobb's TruthBlazer Shows How Body Language Speaks Volumes

Body Language Expert Blanca Cobb’s TruthBlazer gives clients an edge in their dealings by helping them see the true meaning behind an individual’s actions and mannerisms.

Social Media Loving and Fresh Thinking Design Graduates Leverage Fresh Thinking in the MCTC Design Portfolio Show

LogoMinneapolis Community and Technical College recent Web and Graphic Designs students shuffle through the hallway printing their designs and clicking away on large screen Macs all in a row. The smell of coffee and perhaps a little sweat accompanies their mad dash to perfect their work for their portfolio show May 6th and 7th from 10am-7pm. One tweets a selfie, and two others help each other work through a javascript problem.

TouchActionApps Releases Super-Spies Adventures iPhone/iPad App

According to Forbes Magazine, there are more than a million apps at Apple's App Store with more than 38 percent targeted toward children for education and adventure purposes, and thanks to the release of a new app called Super-Spies Adventures, parents across the globe will now be able to empower their children with an interactive adventure story with audio narration, character voices and coloring pages.

Casa Xelaju Offers Spanish Immersion for High School Students in Quetzaltenango, Guatemala

For people who are unaware of the term, immersion programs are also commonly known as language immersion programs. These are teaching classes where students are taught a second language by conducting all basic studies in the second language. For example, the English speaking student who wants to learn French will be taught other subjects, like math, biology, social studies and the like, in French so that they get used to its usage. The immersion way of learning has been touted as cone of the best ways to learn a new language. The experts at Quetzaltenango were able to realize this early on and have introduced a special Spanish immersion program for high school students.

Spanish Immersion for Educators with College Credit in Guatemala

Teachers from all across the world these days can be seen to be looking for new experiences when it comes to increasing their language knowledge as well as information. The Spanish Immersion program for summer is now available for all those who want to see the Latin culture and prepare themselves to teach and work Spanish students.

Top Massage Therapy Techniques Promote Overall Wellness

LogoMassage therapy has been practiced worldwide for thousands of years. According to the 2007 National Health Interview Survey, which incorporated a comprehensive survey of complementary and alternative medicine (CAM) use by Americans, approximately 18 million U.S. adults and 700,000 children received massage therapy in the past year. People use massage for several health-related purposes, such as getting relief from symptoms, rehabilitating sports injuries, reducing stress, increasing relaxation, addressing anxiety and depression, and promoting overall wellness.

Your Driver's Ed Introduces New Free Exam to Assess Driving Skills Before the Real Test

Driving is one of the first things a teenager can do to assert their freedom and independence, and can experience from the age of 16. As a result many want to pass their test and get on the road as soon as possible, which can work against them, as they gloss over their practice and run straight for the test without being prepared. Your Driver’s Ed is a mentoring and support service for people trying to pass their driving test, and has now published a free test to assess whether learners are ready to take their permit exam.

Ed4Online Promotes Green Initiatives with Free eBook and Sustainable Career Training

LogoTo coincide with Earth Day on April 22, 2014, Ed4Online is showcasing its corporate social responsibility as an eco-friendly company by providing a free eBook to those seeking more information about green careers. In conjunction with this offering, the online education company will also spotlight its green career training options.

Sun, Sand and Oils: Expert Rebecca Park Totilo Offers Comprehensive Aromatherapy Course at Florida Resort

LogoRebecca Park Totilo of Well Foundation is pleased to announce a new comprehensive course in aromatherapy June 12th to 15th. The 3-day course is for individuals who want to learn the principles of aromatherapy, and become professionally qualified in therapeutic use of essential oils. Totilo is an accomplished aromatherapist and author of 40 books, with a wealth of knowledge about aromatherapy.

MIT Piping from MITSkills Pronounces Intellectual & Advanced Courses for Piping Design

MIT Piping Pune from MITSkills pronounces intellectual and advanced courses for piping design. There are numerous programs that progressively create scope in various industries, so they have introduced Piping Design & Engineering courses that have become a platform for a successful career. Being experienced for over two decades in piping design and engineering courses, they are improving technical skills in students in order to make their career successful.

terptree Interprets for the Prime Minister

Newbury has been home to Vodafone headquarters since 2002, and the visit from the Prime Minister was to celebrate the opening of 150 new shops around the UK and 1,400 new jobs, generating a £100m boost to the UK’s high streets over the next 12 months.

Enroll for Yoga Teacher Training Certification in Bronx at Never Before Prices at

LogoWith people’s increasing awareness about health forms like yoga and reiki, it is only natural that the demand for yoga and reiki teachers is also bound to increase. And this is where, it becomes imperative to learn yoga the right way if one wants to become a successful yoga teacher. Westchester Yoga Arts is a reputed Institute that offers courses like yoga teacher certification in Bronx at affordable prices. Their Yoga Teacher Certification program is registered with Yoga Alliance and it does not only fulfil but also surpasses the hour requirements of Yoga Alliance which includes asanas, teaching techniques, philosophy, physiology and the business of yoga.

Interactive Educational Software MaxScholar Boosts Reading Comprehension in After School and Summer School Programs

LogoYMCA's, Boys and Girls Clubs and other after school and summer programs now have a very powerful resource available to them to help children quickly be able to raise their reading comprehension levels, MaxScholar educational software. MaxScholar helps students learn to read through a series of tests and interactive games and has been proving itself a perfect addition to after and summer school programs.

Guitar Chords and How to Play Them Correctly Are the Focus of New Section on CeBASE Website

CeBASE, a new website that features expert tutorials from many of the most famous online guitar teachers, has just added a new section that is devoted to guitar chords. Paul Perry, one of the most popular online guitar teachers, has created and posted the highly informative, top quality and media-rich section that covers everything from progressions and open chords to barre chords and more.

Franklin Virtual High School Offers Variety of Courses

Franklin Virtual High School, regarded as one of the best online schools at in the United States, does indeed help non-traditional students (defined as any student who has not completed their high school education in stereotypical time parameters for any number of reasons) complete their high school education and help them increase their likelihood of being hired or attending a university.

Home Care in Oxfordshire Opens Doors to More People in Need

Home Helpers Care recently opened its doors to homebound patients and people who need constant daily care. This organization provides home care services in the Oxfordshire area. Their services are tailored to meet the specific needs of each client.

Ed4Online Participates in "Joining Forces" Initiative

LogoEd4Online is delighted to participate in the “Joining Forces” initiative, a campaign dedicated to helping military spouses gain employment and receive continuing education. The company’s participation in the campaign emphasizes its partnership with CASY-MSCCN, through which Ed4Online has created its “Boots to Books for Paychecks” program.

Triburg Center for Learning Offers Top Fashion Designing Courses

Triburg Center for Learning is an education and training institute in India, offering professional fashion designing courses at extremely affordable prices. The institute is offering a range of programs in fashion management including Post Graduate Program in Global Fashion Management, Post Graduate Program in Global Fashion Design, Part Time Program in Global Fashion Management, Photography & Photoshop Program, Quality Assurance Program, Global Fashion Design Program, Pattern Making Program and Smart Merchant Program. Triburg Center for Learning has made a fine reputation for itself by providing top courses to all levels of professionals in the fashion industry. The institute makes all possible efforts to prepare students for the diversified requirements of Indian as well as international fashion world.