Education Press Releases

SightPhonics Continues to Help Teach Adults and Teens How to Read Online

Reading is something we do on a daily basis that many of us take for granted. Learning to read simply goes hand-in-hand with growing up here in the United States, but unfortunately there are thousands upon thousands of teenagers and adults who struggle to acquire this highly useful skill. Going through life without this ability is crippling, to say the least, and can easily cause a cornucopia of issues down the road. Fortunately, one California educator developed a program 20 years ago that has been changing the lives of eager students all across the nation. SightPhonics is an online program developed nearly accidentally that has helped numerous students over the years learn how to read. Created for use with teenagers, its methods are professional, structured, and proven to work.

WAAW Foundation Open 2016 STEM Camp Application for African Girls

The Working to Advance STEM Education for African Women (WAAW) Foundation 2016 STEM Camp targets 40 under-represented senior secondary girls aged 13 – 17 years. The aim of the STEM camp program is to increase girls' interest and confidence in STEM, provide digital literacy training and create online peer networking platform, where girls connect and continue to learn and improve their technology skills. Girls will be introduced to computer science & programming, mobile application development and STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Math) hand-on curriculum.

Conversionpath Offering Classroom/Web Based Adobe Audience Manager Training

Executives desirous of making a career in data analytics can get enrolled for Adobe Audience Manager Training with ConversionPath. The one day course introduces the professionals to several critical features of the software, enabling them to gain an understanding how it can be used in real world scenario.

Conversionpath Offering Classroom/Web Based Adobe Audience Manager Training

Executives desirous of making a career in data analytics can get enrolled for Adobe Audience Manager Training with ConversionPath. The one day course introduces the professionals to several critical features of the software, enabling them to gain an understanding how it can be used in real world scenario. Helping Millions of Educators on Making Online Presentations

LogoFocusky Software, exclusive online presentation software is helping million of educators and education institutions. The zooming canvas of Focusky creates new method for classroom. The slideshow maker helps teachers to make complex lessons in easy form so that student can learn easily. It allows education to be more understandable and memorable.

Where Have All the Treehuggers Gone?

Scientists today announced that internet search patterns indicate the public’s interest in the environment is falling, placing many environmental initiatives at risk. The respected scientific journal Biodiversity and Conservation published the findings by Gwendolynn Bury (Oregon State University) and Malcolm L. McCallum (University of Illinois Springfield) in a series of recent articles.

Enrollment for Online Degree Programs at Wexford University - Now Open

Over the past few years, online degrees programs have acquired quite a lot of popularity in various locations of the world. This is because of the fact that online degree programs are precise, affordable and quite quick. Enrollment is usually open all around the year, which tends to offer ultimate convenience to all students who wish to continue their education by all means.

Communispond Now Offers Executive Coaching for Improved Communication Skills

Ensuring enhanced communication skills for Business Executives, potential associates and other professionals in important positions, Communispond is now offering developmental and event based Executive Coaching for better communication skills.

Recent Study: PerkinElmer, Inc. - Mergers & Acquisitions (M&A), Partnerships & Alliances and Investment Report

LogoMarketLine's Company Mergers & Acquisitions (M&A), Partnerships & Alliances and Investments reports offer a comprehensive breakdown of the organic and inorganic growth activity undertaken by an organization to sustain its competitive advantage.

Medal of Honor Recipient Urges Congress to Correct an "Oversight"

LogoNearly 70 years later, a campaign edges closer to properly honoring a decorated war hero.

US Essay Launches Academic Content Writing Service That Meets UK Essay Formatting/Styling Standards

LogoU.S. Essay is very pleased and proud to announce the launch of its new United Kingdom (UK) essay writing help service. The new website was launched to provide clients with well written academic content crafted by UK native writers in accordance with the styling/formatting standards of United Kingdom universities.

GEEO Announces Summer Travel to Be a Key Element to Effective Teaching

Understanding the way people in different countries live and think has never been more important to the future of the next generation. For most children, this global understanding starts at a very early age; it begins in the local classroom. Through the eyes of teachers, students learn to interact with their world, and it is through the teacher’s ability to model curiosity and a desire to explore the world that global awareness occurs. Hopefully, this increased internationalism will create better leaders, teachers, business people and world citizens. However, to achieve this objective, it is crucial that teachers learn of the world that surrounds them. Certainly, books, videos and films help them do this, but nothing works so well as summer travel for teachers at that allows educators to bring their own experiences back into the classroom.

Student Resource USA Now Making It Easier Than Ever to Get Scholarship Funds

Happy New Year! With the start of a new year, Student Resource USA has announced the availability of hundreds of new university scholarships offered exclusively to their clients. Their partnership with many top accredited schools is giving working professionals more opportunities than ever to further their education at affordable prices.

Hi-Way Driving School Director, Karyn Tait, Announces Free Driving Lesson in Conjunction with the Keys2Drive Program

LogoKaryn Tait, managing director of  Hi-way Driving School, announced that the company is offering a free driving lesson to new drivers as part of the firm’s participation in the Keys2Drive program. To be eligible, the learning driver must hold a valid permit and a fully licensed supervising driver, usually a family member, must also attend the full 60-minute session.

Natural Cosmetic School 'Formula Botanica' Under New Management

Formula Botanica, the online Organic Skincare School, has this month come under new ownership and management. Herb & Hedgerow, a Dorset-based herbal beauty business, has taken over the school from Star Khechara, the well-known anti-ageing nutritionist, mouthgasmic rejuvenation expert and author of “The Holistic Beauty Book”.

Dubrovnik Language School to Offer Unique Language Courses on a Sailing Boat This Summer

Queen Mary Language School is all set to offer a unique yet exciting language programme this summer in Dubrovnik that will take place on a sailing boat while touring the beautiful Dalmatian coast. This will in fact be one of a kind programme, which none of the language schools have ever tried before!

World Zohar Convention 2014 Celebrated the Launch of the First Zohar Publication

For the second time running, the World Zohar Convention 2014 took place in early February, with more than 10,000 participants from 64 countries across the globe. The 3-day conference, hosted by The Bnei Baruch Kabbalah Education & Research Institute (, celebrated the launch of the first Hebrew publication of the Zohar L’Am (Zohar for All) book series, i.e., The Book of Zohar adapted for today’s generation.

Scholars Reveal the Relation Between Gnosticism and the Holy Grail

Gnosticism is a gospel that predates the birth of Jesus Christ. This pre Christian religion differentiates the god of the Old Testament from the Jesus Christ of the New Testament. This gospel believes that the New Testament’s god is higher and more abstract from the earlier god. Their purpose is to find what is considered the ultimate spiritual knowledge and utilize it to achieve that final unity with God.

Raleigh Preschool to Host Canned Food Drive Throughout February

LogoRaleigh preschool and child care center, Primary Beginnings, is excited to announce that they are hosting a canned food drive throughout the month of February!

Ed4Online Partners with McHenry County College's Continuing Education Department to Offer New Online Healthcare Career Training Certificate Programs

LogoEd4Online is pleased to announce a new partnership with the McHenry County College (MCC) Continuing Education Department. Through this new affiliation, Ed4Online will offer in-demand online career training certificate programs to those seeking to further their education through McHenry County College.

Student Resource USA Announces New Student Scholarships for Working Professionals

The recently announced Oscar nominations aren't the only thing causing a buzz lately. Student Resource USA caused their own buzz with the announcement that they now have more student online scholarships at than ever available for working professionals.

Master Scheduler Software of USA Scheduler Makes Scheduling Take a Quantum Leap

Schools can now create master schedule with confidence optimizing performance and results, using the master scheduler software of USA Scheduler. It makes scheduling take a quantum leap, improving the traditional conflict matrix and replacing it with solution matrix. The top-down approach improves the speed dramatically, while taking efficiency to the optimum level.

New Course "Make Passive Income Online" Reaches 194 Students

An online course that teaches people how to make passive income has attracted over 190 new students and received 7 positive, unsolicited reviews on the web’s most popular E-Learning platform,

Learn More Study Less Review Shows How to Get Better Grades

Daily Gossip indicates that users of Learn More Study Less will get better grades while studying less. How is that possible? Well, the creator of this new program claims that the perfect learning strategy will help all individuals achieve their purpose easier. Getting better graders, entering the desired university and passing all exams easily, is something that any individual can achieve with the new method. The main problem is that people have no idea how to study to learn easier. This is where this method comes in.

App Treasure Hunter Website Hosts iPad Air & PS4 Giveaway on Facebook

LogoBusy raising kid’s and parent’s competency levels one app review at a time, the team of parents and educators that make up have launched an iPad Air giveaway for fans of their Facebook page. Endeavoring to get the word out about their site by way of social media networks, the App Treasure Hunter giveaway will be held until March 23rd and will give one iPad Air and one PlayStation 4 to two lucky winners. Colette Gray, Marketing Manager at App Treasure Hunter said this about the iPad Air/PS4 contest, “We thought this would be a fun and interactive way to get the word out about our site being a free resource for parents and educators. We’ve done our iTunes App Store research and want to share where the very best educational apps for quality and fun lay hidden in the marketplace.”

Now Learning Spanish Is Child's Play with Fun Easy Learn's "Learn Spanish 6000 Words" App

LogoSpanish is the second most spoken language in the US and is widely spoken by a large number of people worldwide. This is the reason why many want to learn Spanish language. From students to businessmen, who want to learn Spanish can now take the help of an amazing Learn Spanish app developed by Fun Easy Learn. Moldova based this company is a pioneer in developing language learning apps, and this app could be a fun way to learn the language. One can simply access the app in his/her free time and start learning the language, without requiring the assistance of an instructor.

Beyond Academia Conference to Be Held Feb. 20, 21 at UC Berkeley

LogoBeyond Academia, a pioneering career education conference that exposes PhD students and postdocs to career options outside academia – and has become a model for higher education institutions – will be held at the University of California, Berkeley. More than 400 graduate students will attend the event, to be held at the campus’s International House this Feb. 20 and 21. At least 50 industry professionals will speak on panels and participate in informal workshops and networking sessions.