Education Press Releases

Spark Circus Presents Spark Circus Tour 2017

Spark Circus Tour; January & February 2017. Koh Samui, Mae sot; Thailand, Mae Ke Kong; Burma.

SightPhonics Continues to Help Teach Adults and Teens How to Read Online

Reading is something we do on a daily basis that many of us take for granted. Learning to read simply goes hand-in-hand with growing up here in the United States, but unfortunately there are thousands upon thousands of teenagers and adults who struggle to acquire this highly useful skill. Going through life without this ability is crippling, to say the least, and can easily cause a cornucopia of issues down the road. Fortunately, one California educator developed a program 20 years ago that has been changing the lives of eager students all across the nation. SightPhonics is an online program developed nearly accidentally that has helped numerous students over the years learn how to read. Created for use with teenagers, its methods are professional, structured, and proven to work.

TeamWorx Is Proud to Present a Home-Study Program for Students Who Want to Study Anatomy

TeamWorx, Inc. the brainchild of Kerry Dean, has announced that it is following the advice of 'Abundance' author Peter Diamandis and taking actions to provide excellent, real-world training for students of anatomy who want to learn but don't have time, money or inclination to invest years and tens of thousands of dollars for studying at a brick-and-mortar college or school, when they can study and learn online today.

YouTube Video Filter App for Kids Now Available on iPhone/iPad and Android Devices

LogoSavvy Cyber Kids is pleased to announce the release of their first app, YouTube Video Filter for kids on iPhone/iPad and Android. With this latest news Savvy Cyber Kids, which has been hailed as, “An amazing way to teach young kids how to be safe online,” has given parents another great tool to help parents introduce technology in a family friendly way. The Savvy Cyber Kids YouTube Video Filter App is easily accessible as it can be downloaded from Apple’s App Store and via the Android Google Play store.

FVHS Answers Needs of Non-Traditional Students

Like snowflakes, no two human beings are exactly the same. Logic would follow that not every person learns in the same manner. Traditional school systems do not necessarily account for this variation in learning styles and pace. Because of individual needs and desires, students are leaving the cookie-cutter school systems for a renovated version of education. Franklin Virtual High School creates a system that allows for flexibility but still maintains a high level of education.

Shapeshifter Yoga - A No-Nonsense Yoga Course for Beginners

Some yoga styles are all-consuming and vigorous, and others are calming and meditative. Regardless of which type people choose, yoga is a wonderful way to stretch and strengthen their body and sharpen their mind as well as ease off their spirit. As we all know yoga decreases stress. It helps soothe the mind and lower stress levels by sharpening the mind on the moment and the movements rather than on external distractions. It also increases a person's flexibility and curtails the peril for injury. It improves posture, balance and stability. It does not only have the ability to lessen stress but it also boosts a person's well-being and offers comprehensive physical health benefits.

Learn How to Create Stunning Photos with This Online Creative Photography Course

Trick Photography and Special Effects 2nd Edition is a photography course that is offered online by Evan Sharboneau. He is an award winning photographer and photo editor. In it he shares his special effects expertise with the world. It is a comprehensive photography course of creative photographic tricks and techniques. The course is aimed at both beginner and experienced photographer alike.

Microsoft Boot Camp at MVJ College of Engineering, Bangalore

LogoMVJ college of Engineering is always pleasured to satisfy the learning desireness of students as well as faculties. For the bright future of students, seminars and conferences are being conducted regularly. Knowledge of new technologies has now become the basic requirement.

RN Nursing Programs - Better Way of Securing Future in the Field of Nursing

RN nurse represents the registered nurse which signifies a nurse who has completed degree in nursing from any university or college or from any registered and recognized nursing institute. The rn nurse must qualify the national certification examination because then only she'll manage to do the correct nursing training. The job of an rn nurse is to assist the individuals or their family members in stopping them from numerous diseases and attend the patients with care and affection. A nurse has been regarded as the most important unit of any hospital since it helps in satisfying every health issue of a patient. Another function of the registered nurse would be to record the health background of all patients that contains their medicine, assessments, their reports and other symptoms which were carried out by the patients within various situations since that specific symptoms assist in additional diagnosis of an inmate. An rn nurse performs an essential part as a medical assistant. Necessary information is provided by her to the sufferers and their families concerning the prevention from numerous illnesses or disease. According to the study which was performed recently, the yearly salary of a rn is approximately $62450. Nevertheless, the government policies continue to alter the income situation of an rn nurse since it is the basic cause that draws the folks towards this profession and government do not want any problem regarding their wage. The salary of nurses also relies on their divisions as it distinguishes on every stage. About is a website that provides vital information on registered nurse courses. The program is for all those individuals who did a degree in nursing from any legitimate and recognised institutions. They're accessible 24×7 for any support and serve anyplace. Contact Information: For more information and other media related inquiries, please contact: Contact Name: Jonathan Mathews Contact Email: Complete Address: 7, Logothetou Zip Code: 54655 Contact Phone: 00306942018866 Website :

INXPO Unveils Learning Environments a Private "Corporate MOOC" Designed to Drive Content Consumption

INXPO, the founders of award-winning online events and innovators of next-generation webcasting have just announced Learning Environments - a solution offering companies a private and secure online portal that incorporates interactive user forums and group collaboration to help build a community and promote knowledge transfer through open content sharing.

eBookily Changes Domain Name and Offers Complimentary Ebooks, Documents and College Coursework

eBookily, the esteemed website recognized for its commitment to providing an unparalleled selection of free downloadable ebooks, documents, university coursework and instruction manuals, is pleased to announce that they recently changed their domain name.

Scott Abbott Launches Sequel to "Pocket PorchLights" to Help High School and College Graduates Succeed Professionally

Bringing his best-selling approachability just in time for graduation season, business and self-improvement author Scott Abbott launches his latest breakthrough book for current and soon-to-be young professionals. The new book is titled, “Level-UP to Professional: Elevate Your Success at Business, Work and Life”. Designed to be a sequel edition to his highly acclaimed book, “Pocket PorchLights: Reflections, Insights and Recommendation for Helping Young Adults Succeed in Business and Life” - Abbott again focuses on motivating working young adults to succeed with their life after school.

Massage Proven to Boost Mental Health

LogoMassage therapy, by technical terms is the scientific manipulation of the soft tissues of the body for the purpose of normalizing those tissues and consists of manual techniques that include applying fixed or movable pressure, holding or causing movement of or to the body. Massage is known for promoting blood circulation, reduce flaccidity or muscular tension, enhance tissue healing and stimulation of the nervous system.

Now Available: Poland in 2030: The Future Demographic

LogoPoland's population peaked in 2012 at 38.5 million. By 2030 it will reach 37.7 million, a decrease of 2.3% from 2012. Despite rising fertility, the birth rate will continue to fall due to a drop in the proportion of women of childbearing age in the population. The population is ageing and the median age will increase from 38.4 years in 2012 to 45.2 in 2030. Poland will age at a faster rate than the Eastern European average.

Green Essay Launches 15% Discount on Essay Writing Services for Students at Breaking Point

The modern student is under more pressure than ever to create a high volume of work for assessment, and their education comes within an increasing financial burden which has meant for many, failure is not an option. This has created more stress within the education system than ever before and can cause students to burn out before they are capable of reaching their required goals. Green Essay is an essay writing service that will step in when students fall short, writing their essays for them, and is offering an exclusive deal on their already market leading prices.

Illinois Food Handlers Have a New Online Option for Getting Certificates

LogoThe Illinois Food Handling Regulation Enforcement Act that was passed into law in August 2013 established new food handler training requirements. According to this new law, all food handlers employed by restaurants will be required to receive or obtain training accredited by the American National Standards Institute (ANSI) in basic safe food handling principles within 30 days of employment and every 3 years thereafter.

Top Essay Writing Launches Introductory Discounts for 15% off First Essay Writing Order

Students, even those at high school level, are coming under more pressure than ever to create an amazing standard of work at such quantities that would make most journalists balk. The result has been a huge increase in student stress levels, with drop out levels rising and college admissions declining. Top Essay Writing is a professional essay writing service that can lighten the load on students at highly affordable rates. To encourage students to use this option as opposed to taking more desperate measures, they are offering 15% off the first order on the website.

SAT Upgrade Commences Next Year

LogoSAT is a globally recognized standardized test used for most college admission in the US. The test is intended to assess a student's readiness for college. SAT comprises of three major areas: Critical Reading, Mathematics, and Writing. Each area gets a score on the scale of 200–800 while all scores are products of 10. Total scores are computed by adding scores of the three areas. The test takes 3 hours and 45 minutes of timed sections. Most run for 4 and half hours including orientation, distribution of materials and timed breaks.

Young Adults Lack Financial Education

According to national surveys, almost half (49 percent) of young adults believe that they do not have proper financial management skills, but recognize the need to take a financial education course and would likely take one if offered. Young adults primarily rely on their parents to teach them about managing their money since many high schools and colleges do not require or offer financial literacy courses. Compounding the need for financial education is the fact that college graduates are leaving with large amounts of student loans and are having a difficult time finding full-time, career jobs.

The Real Deal: SAT Scores Matter?

LogoDo SAT scores prove life success? At least some believe it is. Many employers request for SAT scores, even for the middle-aged applicants, Wall Street Journal recently reported. While entry level job applicants are usually asked for SAT scores, it is now becoming a trend among many employers to ask those who are in their 40s and 50s for these numbers. Various companies, such as Goldman Sachs, McKinsey, and Bain and Co. mentioned that the test scores helped them decide "whether someone has the raw brainpower required for the job,'' the journal also cited.

Dennis Orina Seeks Funding Assistance via Indiegogo to Help Orphans Go to School.

LogoThese orphans have been rejected for long by their community members. Support Dennis Orina and other people who have decided to show them love by taking them to school.

Thesis on Time Announces the Launch of Its New and User-Friendly Website

Thesis On Time, a custom-writing company that offers professionally written academic papers of all types, has just announced the launch of its new and user-friendly website.

Wiser Celebrates First-Ever Women's Secondary School Graduation

The Women’s Institute for Secondary Education and Research, (WISER) is proud to celebrate the first-ever graduating class of women in Africa on March 7, 2014. The trailblazing class of 28 women have avoided teen pregnancy and HIV risk, grown in self-esteem and self-empowerment, and will undoubtedly go on to change the world. All eyes will be on these girls as they shatter expectations and set new benchmarks for what a girl can do.

Todd Woodlee Joins iGrad Team

LogoiGrad, a leader in online financial literacy programs, announced today that noted student debt management expert Todd Woodlee has joined the company as associate vice president of school relations.

Todd Woodlee Joins iGrad Team

LogoiGrad, a leader in online financial literacy programs, announced today that noted student debt management expert Todd Woodlee has joined the company as associate vice president of school relations.

Ed4Online Partners with CampusCE Corporation

LogoEd4Online is pleased to announce a new partnership with CampusCE, a leading provider of web-based education management software solutions specially developed for continuing education and corporate training.

GEEO Announces Summer Travel to the Far East

Teachers spend countless hours investing in their students, often at their own expense. Lesson planning, test preparation, committee meetings, extracurricular activities, classroom management—inspiring the leaders of tomorrow has never presented more of a challenge. The Global Exploration for Educators Organization (GEEO) offers teachers a chance to refresh and an opportunity to invest in themselves. A 501(c)3 non-profit organization specializing in discounted teacher travel at, GEEO has assembled an inspiring selection of summer trips to the Far East that will allow educators a truly unforgettable experience.