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WAAW Foundation Participates at 2016 Women Forum, Mauritius

The theme of the Forum is: "Meeting the Climate Challenge for Small Islands Developing States (SIDS) and Africa."Participants debated on climate and health solutions; climate, agriculture, and biodiversity best practices; sustainable energy and water and sanitation for Africa and Small Island Developing States (SIDS); advancing innovation in agriculture, health and land use; improving the participation of women and youth in scientific and technological training; and processes for frugal green innovations with value-added for SIDS and African economies.

Gettysburg Museum Opens New Exhibit Featuring Never Before Seen Artifacts from Major Dick Winters of "Band of Brothers" Fame

The Gettysburg Museum of History curator, Erik Dorr, announced a new exhibit centered around WWII hero Major Dick Winters. Portrayed in the 2001 HBO miniseries, Band of Brothers, Winters led "Easy Company" of the 506 Parachute Infantry Regiment of the 101st Airborne Division. Winters took over command of Easy Company on D-Day after their Commander Lt. Thomas Meehan's plane crashed killing all on board. Winters commanded "easy company" through the Normandy Campaign and Operation Market Garden in Holland. He was then promoted to Assistant Battalion Executive officer and fought in the battle of the bulge. He eventually made the rank of Major. Easy Company and Winters secured Hitler's Eagles Nest and Berghof at the end of WWII.

Top 50 Affordable Medical Assisting Schools Is the Subject of TopMedicalAssistantSchools' New List, a website devoted to helping students learn more about medical assisting careers, recently announced the launch of its new website. To commemorate the launch of the new site, published a new article, “Top 50 Affordable Medical Assisting Schools.”

Online TESOL Certificate Now Exceeds International Standards

UNI-Prep, a Canada-based training organization, offers a TESOL Certificate online that not only fulfils international requirements. It also exceeds international standards, including the 120-hour requirement for training, to teach English to foreign students. Those with or without teaching experience can enroll in the online course.

UNI-Prep Now Provides Online TESOL Certificate

UNI-Prep has introduced an online TESOL certificate and diploma programs so individuals can teach English to international students. Primarily used in Canada, a TESOL certificate can now be earned online, affording students the flexibility to study form anywhere on their own schedule. It qualifies them to be ESL/EFL teachers in most positions around the world.

Getting a Reserved Job by Doing Different Types of Registered Nurse Training Programs

Security is not just an aspect to get nursing training. One has to make sure that one will get a worthy job of nursing. Nursing training offers specialized training and understanding of this job. There happens to be a million of rn schools that are being opened for the training. One of the keys to succeed will be to harness one’s passion for this job and one have to prepare themselves to get trained in such a way. Having a better understanding of the training and education will one to pass the final exam and this will be the first step to frame oneself to get a bright future.

Stay Unharmed Even in the Time of Recession by Doing RN Training Courses

One of the prominent nurse training programs for nursing coursers is the Accelerated BSN program. This program allows bachelor's degree graduates of any course to finish BSN in as fast as 12 to 18 months.

Dr. Andrey Ostrovsky & John Vanden-Heuvel Look to Raise $20,000 via Kickstarter to Start Printing ABCs of the Web and Support Age-Appropriate STEM Education

LogoABCs of the Web is a child's first introduction to the language of the web using the ABCs, beautiful imagery, and fun rhymes.

Boosters Best Now Featuring Personalized School Supplies on Website

Boosters Best, a leading supplier of school spirit products, is pleased to announce they are now featuring personalized school supplies on their website. Teachers, parents can purchase personalized school supplies to give to their children as a way to increase their learning experience. Children who use the personalized school supplies from Boosters Best will be more encouraged to go to school and will be more enthusiastic while attending each class. Boosters Best has been passionate about the success of students for over 50 years and plan on having their passion grow as 2014 moves on.

Boosters Incorporated Now Featuring New School Spirit Products on Website

Boosters Incorporated is pleased to announce they are now featuring new school spirit products on their website. Boosters Incorporated has been providing customers with high quality personalized spirit items for over 50 years. In 2014, the company plans on providing customers with even more personalized spirit items than ever before. By shopping online with Boosters Best, customers are able to enhance their school fundraisers, games and assemblies. The cheer gear, offered by Boosters Incorporated, also comes at affordable prices. The low prices make it easy for customers to share their spirit with the entire world.

New Social Media Tool Pushes Employment Screening Frontier

LogoInnovative employment screening company JD Palatine is rolling out a new social tool for executive-level job seekers. Job Seeker Insight (JSI), a subsidiary of JD Palatine, is launching its powerful new tool that allows executives and thought leaders to control the employment screening process.

Franklin Virtual Schools Enrolling for All Semesters

Those seeking a virtual high school option can enroll for the all semesters with Franklin Virtual Schools today. This virtual high school is an accredited online school designed to allow students to attain a high school diploma. These courses are available for several purposes, including early high school graduation, making up missed classes or to delve into career-specific training.

First Rate Facilities at Marsh Academy

The development was for a new £2.7 million building to support vulnerable students and house family support services for the local community. The new centre is called ‘The Marsh Academy Community Hub’ (MACH). First-rate facilities on the ground floor offer vulnerable students with short-or long-term interventions a calm and caring environment to enable them to achieve their full potential. The upper floor of the new building is dedicated to community use and provides a valuable resource for local residents. The new accommodation will enable many support services to be brought into the local area which previously had to be sourced in Ashford and Folkestone, nearly 15 miles away.

Creative Yearbooks Reminds Groups of New Year Flexible Publishing Deadlines

Yearbook committees have learned fashioning a creative yearbook designs is a complicated, time-intensive task. Many publishing companies have looming deadlines and complicated processes. As the New Year approaches, schools and groups are concerned about whether or not they are far enough along in the publishing process to complete yearbooks on time.

Get Prepared for College - A Comprehensive eBook Guide for High School Students

‘Get Prepared For College’ is an out-and-out eBook that is devoted to help high school students to get efficiently prepared with all the necessary guidelines that will help them to stay ahead of their classmates. A highly educated and knowledgeable retired lecturer is the writer of this eBook who has first hand experience and is aware of the many challenges faced by high school students. Get Prepared For College eBook, as the name suggests, helps high school students to get prepared for their new scholastic life in college. With little or no prior preparation for higher education, students most often fall back and have to experience failure. Statistics have revealed that people who have a college degree earn much more as much as US $56,334 as compared to a school graduate who just earns US $34,303. Apart from the financial security that a college degree guarantees, the entire experience helps to transform young students into adults.

In-Class Reiki Certification Available from New Jersey Health Academy

Reiki is an effective form of healing that has been practiced for thousands of years. By using life-force energy, Reiki helps heal and stimulate areas of the body. With systematic placement of the therapist’s hands, Reiki is used to relieve muscular stress. The State of New Jersey does not require any kind of massage licensing to practice Reiki allowing for those interested in learning types of massage therapy to do so without a full license. Introduces Valuable New Calculator for UGMA/UTMA Account Holders

LogoIn its role of providing valuable tools and resources to families who are saving for college, leading college savings authority has recently announced the addition of a new calculator to its current offering of college savings and financial aid calculators. The UGMA/UTMA 529 Conversion Calculator, available for free to any visitor, helps parents decide whether or not a conversion of assets from an existing UGMA/UTMA account to a 529 college savings plan is advantageous for federal tax purposes. The Uniform Gifts to Minors Act (UGMA) and the Uniform Transfers to Minors Act (UTMA) are types of custodial accounts that are set up by an adult on behalf of a minor. The calculator takes into account some of the more complex rules and tax consequences associated with UGMA/UTMA rollovers, including the "kiddie tax". Upon entering information relating to their UGMA/UTMA assets, calculator users will be directed to results depicting how much money each conversion scenario would make available to pay for college. The calculator also generates a comprehensive PDF report that users can elect to receive by email.

Regal Assets Advises Investment in Gold for Retirement

Regal Assets has advised people saving for retirement that at least part of their IRA should be backed by gold instead of just the stock market. A gold investment makes much more sense, the company claims, because the stock market is simply too volatile. A gold investment, on the other hand, has a very good history of tracking inflation. In short, for the most part the value of gold rises on par with the value of goods and the cost of living. A Gold IRA Rollover is a better hedge against an uncertain future, because it simply doesn’t have the same degree of risk compared to the stock market which is more prone to crashes.

Standout Grads Helps Clients Gain Edge Among Applications

Logo70,000 post-secondary students are graduating in Ontario with an average of $26,000 in debt.  With fewer jobs available than the number of graduates, and such a large debt to pay back, it is important to take advantage of any opportunity to ensure a well-paying job.  Standout Grads was created to give graduates a competitive edge in the job market.

Penis Enlargement - Dispelling the Myths - What Really Works - From a Real Doctor

For some men beginning in their youth through to adulthood feel inadequate about the size of their penis. The old adages like “does size really matter?” are on their minds in early years. They hear stories that women don’t achieve full sexual satisfaction due to the size of a penis and in short time you have a man that is deeply depressed about their own insecurities. This can cause long term lack of self confidence that could deeply affect success in life and spousal opportunities.

Children Learning Reading Program Review Reveals New Amazing Reading Program Parents Will Love

This Children Learning Reading Program Review is developed for helping customers decide whether this course is reliable. The Children Learning Reading program designed by Elena And Jim is a new program that helps people teach their children learn to read quickly and easily. This very detailed Children Learning Reading program review indicates if this program is worth buying.

Edvancer Offers High End Business Analytics Training Programs for Corporates

Businesses planning to train their workforce in business analytics can seek assistance of Edvancer Eduventures. Ranked as one of the top analytics training institutes in India, they offer high-end training programs for corporate executives using latest statistical tools and methods.

Cal Banyan Publishes Video on Choosing Hypnosis School

Cal Banyan has been a leading trainer for hypnosis and hypnotherapy for many years. People from all over the world have traveled to the Banyan Hypnosis Center in order to learn the techniques that will help them become successful hypnosis practitioners. Now, Cal Banyan's Hypnosis, Etc., program is publishing a training video that addresses the question: what is the best way to choose a hypnosis trainer or school?

Essay Writing Service Launches a New and Reliable Online Essay Service, a reputable and top-notch essay writing service, has just launched a brand new online service that allows time-crunched students to buy essay related academic papers at a very reasonable rate.

Cal Banyan Offers Weekly Updates on Hypnosis Practice

The popular view of a hypnotist seems to be someone who took some type of hypnosis training as seen at and then embarked on a questionable practice, never taking the time to review or refine his or her technique. This is simply not true; hypnotherapists need refreshers and updates to their skills just like any other professional group. Fortunately, there is a very easy way to brush up on hypnosis skills and learn about the latest developments in hypnosis therapy: the Hypno-Tuesday video series by Cal Banyan of the Banyan Hypnosis Center.

Cal Banyan Offers Accelerated Hypnosis Course

The New Year is here, but there is still time for those who want to train as a professional hypnotherapist to do so with Cal Banyan's accelerated hypnosis course at The Banyan Hypnosis Center. Students wanting to learn hypnosis at can do so with a minimum of time commitment and still receive the best possible hypnosis training.

CRNA School Admissions: The Cold Hard Facts Review Reveals How to Get in at CRNA School

According to the CRNA School Admissions: The Cold Hard Facts review published by Daily Gossip, indicates that this complex guide was created to help users become the most successful applicants at CRNA schools. The guide was released by John Keith, who spent several years researching until this project was released. According to John, the method is excellent for anyone who wants to avoid all the stress linked to applying to CRNA schools. John Keith is the founder of ANS Career.