Education Press Releases

Apryle VetMD Hosts Episodic Veterinary Program This Week About the Rationale for Specialists

Best of Pet Care, featuring Apryle Horbal, a veterinarian is also known and Apryle VetMD, an expert in equine dentistry. She is interviewed in each show as the featured veterinary expert examining all aspects of veterinary medicine. Topics will range from veterinary work/life balance, to education; from equine large animal pet care to small animal care. Emergency care will be profiled among many topics throughout 2016. Episode 5 video examines the rationale for veterinarian specialists.

Ballroom Dance Lessons in Richmond, VA Now Available from Richmond Ballet Company Alumnus Tommy Bettin and Partner Mairi Bettin

MaiTy Dance, an innovative new Ballroom dance business founded by classically trained ballet dancers Tommy and Mairi Bettin, is now accepting new students of all ages and abilities in the Richmond, Virginia metro area. The married partners offer personalized lessons in Ballroom, Latin and Social dancing, plus customized wedding dances and fitness classes that feature intense ballet conditioning.

Medical Assistant Jobs to Be One of the Fastest Growing Occupations Through 2018 Says US DOL

The United States Department of Labor has recently predicted that the increasing requirement of medical assistants in the country will remain steady till 2018. With a declining unemployment rate since the recession, now at 7.6 for the month of June, US residents have started to look for new job prospects especially ones that will not falter even if another economic catastrophe will hit the nation. Becoming a medical assistant has become one favorable choice not only because of the promising future and comparatively high pay but also since it is a mean to offer service to the people.

Design Students Take the Weight off Dabbawalas' Shoulders

The services of city's dabbawalas recently went up a notch after two students of design came up with a novel concept of a jacket for carrying tiffins. Currently studying at Pune's MIT Institute of Design, Mumbai girl Nikita Chonkar (22) and her batchmate Bhargavi Joglekar (21) wanted to ease the burden of dabbawalas and increase their efficiency.

Education Initiation Talks About the Qualities of a Good Teacher

Teachers are an incredibly important part of our society. They are charged with educating our youth, one of the most honorable and impact things a person can do. However, there are some teachers who go above and beyond. Teachers that aren’t there merely for a paycheck, but are there to be amazing influences on our students. They are there to make a difference in today’s world, as well as that of tomorrow. Good teachers may not be everywhere, but they are without a doubt a critical piece of the education puzzle.

Samurai Trading Academy Launches Day Trading Education Course

Cody Hind, founder of Samurai Trading Academy, started day trading for the flexible schedule and financial freedom it could afford him. That was nearly a decade ago. Today, with a career as a successful day trader, he also runs a day trading education academy to help others achieve those same goals. After operating for months on a private, invitation-only basis, Samurai Trading Academy (STA) is now launching their day trading training course publicly to teach people how to successfully trade Emini S&P 500 futures so they too can become professional day traders.

InetSoft Pushes for Simple and Inexpensive Business Intelligence Solutions

The importance of business management software cannot be more emphasized. The problem is, data analysis software is typically complex and costly which is why InetSoft pushes for simpler and less expensive solutions.

The Vision Beauty Academy Now Assisting Students with Finding Job After Graduation

The Vision Beauty Academy, a cosmetology school in Philadelphia is pleased to announce they are now assisting their graduating students with finding entry-level jobs in their respected career paths. Practicing, studying, and gaining first-hand experience while in school can be stressful enough. But when graduation day comes, people without professional contacts can be left out in the cold waiting weeks, months, and sometimes years to find a job in their field. The best beauty school graduates understand how fierce competition is in the beauty industry, which is why they chose The Vision Academy to link them to the best professional networking contacts in the industry. Offers IT Training and E-Learning Facility

Online IT training is now possible for students 24*7 through the website Students can learn all IT courses at optimum speed with the help of rich learning materials like case, videos, practice exams, simulations and live labs. This website offers online IT courses at a cheaper rate when compared to traditional classroom training.

Snake Expert Shares Skills with Children and Parents

Bay Area snake specialist Douglas S. Hall is on a mission to help children and parents understand the beauty of snakes, and to teach them to handle them properly.

GBMP Launches, Quite Possibly, the Most Important TPM Manual Maintenance and Continuous Improvement Professionals Will Ever Buy

LogoRegrettably the implementation of TPM has been limited by the same traditional paradigms that inhibit effective Lean transformation. It is a fact that many factories struggle with basic PM, their maintenance staffs stretched to the limit. With inadequate resources to assure a stable operating environment, many factories operate today in a run to failure mode, moving from one crisis to another. TPM seeks to align all company resources in a manner that continuously identifies and reduces the losses caused by equipment failure - the word “failure” referring both to equipment that is actually stopped and also equipment that may be running but is not functioning properly. In the absence of TPM, the latter category is especially “invisible.”

CRNA School Admission: The Cold Hard Facts Review Get Accepted Into CRNA School THIS YEAR

This CRNA School Admission: the Cold Hard Facts Review is developed to help customers to decide whether investing or not investing their money to get CRNA School Admission: the Cold Hard Facts for becoming a CRNA student. Customers who are looking to purchase this new system called CRNA School Admission: the Cold Hard Facts are on this page because they are looking for more information and description that the product has. CRNA School Admission: the Cold Hard Facts Review is designed with the main goal of helping people to find more information, description, features and customer reviews.

Nanyang Business School Introduces MBA in Asia Program

Nayang Business School, a Singapore based business school now introduces competitive MBA program in Asia. Considering Asia’s growing influence on the global marketplace, they have decided to start MBA in Asia.

The Linc Academy Offering E-Learning Education in India

Linc Academy (LA), A LINC initiative, is an effort towards empowering students through e-learning. Education at the Linc Academy will be imparted through a two way virtual live class by renowned professors from IIM and other institutes.

Westminster Christian School Opens New Elementary School Building Design of Classrooms and Learning Areas Influenced by "the Third Teacher" Philosophy

LogoWestminster Christian Elementary School (WCS) students in Palmetto Bay will be walking into a brand new building when they start school on Monday, August 12. The construction of the 49,000 square-foot facility was completed in one year, and will be celebrated with a ribbon-cutting ceremony and building tours on Friday, August 9, at 5 p.m., at 15000 SW 67 Avenue.

Masters Programs in North Carolina Must Compete with the Bryan School of Business and Economics

For anyone seeking outstanding masters programs in North Carolina, The Bryan School of Business and Economics at the University of North Carolina, Greensboro, is offering a part-time and full-time MBA program that prepares students to meet the challenges of uncertain economic times. The program equips students with the exceptional problem solving skills that will enable them to excel in the world of business. The intensified part-time MBA program at The Bryan School of Business and Economics offers a flexible evening class schedule for working professionals, and is the first part time evening program in the Triad to offer concentrations. The full-time MBA is one of the few programs in the country designed specifically for students who have little or no professional business experience.

Maryland Teenager to Spend Gap Year Coaching Abroad

An 18-year-old high school senior from Wenham, Maryland (USA) is set to spend a year coaching abroad, as he chose to work with children at a school in Africa. Al Martin, who attends Clark High School in Danvers, chose to embark on a gap year programme rather than head to University next autumn, and after careful deliberation chose South Africa as his destination.

Move over Barbara Corcoran; Meet Remarkable Women in Real Estate

New author Alyse Martin interviews the top 7 successful women in real estate in a new book entitled, Remarkable Women in Real Estate - success secrets of the real estate superstars, who offer insight and tips into what it takes to make it big in real estate, from a women's perspective.

Move over Barbara Corcoran; Meet Remarkable Women in Real Estate

New author Alyse Martin interviews the top 7 successful women in real estate in a new book entitled, Remarkable Women in Real Estate - success secrets of the real estate superstars, who offer insight and tips into what it takes to make it big in real estate, from a women's perspective.

Scholars of Success - New Online Tutoring Website Launches

A recent launch of a new and improved online tutoring website, Scholars of Success has provided a reliable platform to both the students and tutors from around the world, to interact with each other, with a prime aim to provide an individual with better academic and online tutoring. Based in the city of New York, USA, the website, warmly welcomes highly qualified, well-trained and experienced tutors from around the world, who are determined to work with pure devotion and dedication so as to enable their students to witness great improvements in their school grades.

ZBiddy Reviews: Is ZBiddy Legit or a Scam?

Zbiddy reviews: is zbiddy legit or is zbiddy scam?

Heightened Interest in Immigration Has Made Bestselling Author Leander Jackie Grogan's New Book a Must-Read for the Summer

Getting ready for Leander Jackie Grogan’s new spellbinding novel requires at least three things: a disregard for traditional genres, a palate for provocative thought and a pair of strong arms to hold up the 626 page, James A Michener type block of paper concrete, while reading late at night.

Unreliable Essay Writing Service Can Lead to Poor or Even Fail Grades Says Leading Review Provider, a website dedicated in providing reviews of various essay writing service providers, has recently published an article warning students to be cautious of the service they are ordering from since certain essays could lead to poor or even fail grades. The insightful article also informs that thorough research should first be performed by checking the background details of the company and previous customer reviews. Offers Reviews of Essay Writing Service Providers, Publishes Essay Writing Tips

In an effort to help students find quality and legit essay writing service providers, has recently published numerous comprehensive reviews covering every feature of the service offered by the companies. Year of establishment, qualification of the writers, quality of the essays, punctuality of delivery, customer support, affordability and many other aspects of the custom essays providers have been analyzed and now shared on the website. also has a dedicated blog section which is aimed at helping students write their own essays and guide freelancers seek online writing jobs.

Initiative on Virtual Learning: A New Platform for the Study of Microeconomics

With the hurdles of constant homework and assignments, the hapless pit of low grades seem ever looming on the horizon to most of the students. The aim to nullify and set the learners’ hearts at ease, ScholarAnswer has launched its unique and specially designed educational tool kit as a part of the well awaited initiative. The exploratory learning model seems to combine the best practices in education thereby furthering the ground rules learning at ease. The article throws light on the efforts and effects of the economic experts enabling an everlasting educational enthusiasm for every student immaterial of their trends or adequacy of learning skills.

Curriculum and Faculty-Development Practices at Ekya

Preparing for the new school year is something everyone at Ekya takes very seriously, because it sets the tone for the next twelve months. April and May had the school offices and Ekya Learning Centre working hard to coordinate operations and turn out quality curricula. Before the children were back from their holidays, Ekya ran a comprehensive orientation program for all its teachers, to equip them with the tools necessary to start the year with positivity and high energy - and what a week it was! Ekya witnessed some amazing synthesis of thoughts, and idea exchanges from our teachers. They also had a range of team-building exercises to underscore their philosophy of collaboration and integration. Ekya also noticed that teachers were practicing the kind of culture they were meant to be replicating in their classrooms, as well.

Montessori Live Announces New Affiliation with Sarasota University

Montessori Live Educator Training Program, MACTE accredited, announces a new affiliation with Sarasota University, a strengthsbased university. Beginning in September 2013, students will have the option to complete the Montessori Live elementary certification program and work toward a master’s degree in Montessori Education.