Education Press Releases

Gettysburg Museum Opens New Exhibit Featuring Never Before Seen Artifacts from Major Dick Winters of "Band of Brothers" Fame

The Gettysburg Museum of History curator, Erik Dorr, announced a new exhibit centered around WWII hero Major Dick Winters. Portrayed in the 2001 HBO miniseries, Band of Brothers, Winters led "Easy Company" of the 506 Parachute Infantry Regiment of the 101st Airborne Division. Winters took over command of Easy Company on D-Day after their Commander Lt. Thomas Meehan's plane crashed killing all on board. Winters commanded "easy company" through the Normandy Campaign and Operation Market Garden in Holland. He was then promoted to Assistant Battalion Executive officer and fought in the battle of the bulge. He eventually made the rank of Major. Easy Company and Winters secured Hitler's Eagles Nest and Berghof at the end of WWII.

Two Palmer Trinity School Graduates Receive Distinguished Alumni Awards, Three Others Are Inducted Into Athletic Hall of Fame

Nathan B. Zeder, who graduated in 1998, is an associate with Esslinger Wooten Maxwell Realtors (EWM). He received the Founders' Alumni Award, recognizing those who have demonstrated honor, courage and leadership, and who have helped to fulfill the vision of Palmer Trinity School's founders.

Ecovillage Education US Starts Indiegogo Fundraiser to Fund Scholarships for 2014 Course

LogoImplementing holistic solutions for local and global challenges is what Ecovillage Education US (EEUS) graduates are trained to achieve. Located at Dancing Rabbit Ecovillage, one of the world’s most well-known and established intentional communities, EEUS channels 87% of its operating budget into the local economy which is built around an alternative currency system. Students from around the world come to Dancing Rabbit to be immersed in off-grid ecovillage living and instructed by a multi-disciplinary faculty.

Practice Tests Free Publishes New SAT Test Papers to Help Students Prepare for Exams

The SAT is a test used to determine college admissions for students, and takes three hours and forty minutes to test students on a variety of reasoning exercises across critical reading, writing and mathematics and calculator use. The SAT test currently costs almost fifty dollars to take, so it’s understandable that most students want to get the best grade they can first time round, and yet it can take several tests for students to begin to feel comfortable with the format and know what is expected of them. Practice Tests Free has developed a new free SAT test software that will allow students to reach this comfort zone before having to pay to be examined.

Raleigh Preschool Offers Child-Friendly New Year's Resolutions

LogoWhat better way to ring in the New Year than by making resolutions to kick-start 2014. And Raleigh preschool, Primary Beginnings, suggests making resolutions as a family to help toddlers grow and develop.

MVJCE Trained 45 Students in PC Troubleshooting Under Their CSR Activity

LogoMVJCE is one of the pioneer institutions in Bangalore to foster Corporate Social responsibilty. A desire to ethically do right things and be a good corporate citizen, henceforth genuinely contribute to the development of the society is the goal of the corporate social responsibility programme in MVJCE.

Counterfeit: Don't Buy Into Organized Crime

LogoVoice America Talk Radio Network, Internet broadcasting pioneer, producing and syndicating online audio and video, announced today that Alun Jones, Chief of Communications and Advocacy of the United Nations Office on Drugs and Crime, will join Stan Salot, author, key-note speaker and host of the People to People radio program on the VoiceAmerica Variety Channel ( on Tuesday, January 14th, at 2 p.m. Pacific Time.

New Expert Native English Teachers and Specialist Business Skills Trainers Join HKEnglish.Com

LogoNew expert native English teachers and specialist business skills trainers have recently joined With this new addition to’s staff, everyone and every organization in Hong Kong will get the chance to develop professional English skills, which are essential for career and business grow. The company is committed to providing the finest quality and reliable English services for people and companies in Hong Kong as well as the whole of Asia.

Nutrition School Offers Online Clinical Nutrition and Holistic Health Certification

For those who are looking for certification in Clinical Nutrition and Holistic Health or a CLN but might not be able to commit to the classroom environment, the Academy for Natural and Health Sciences now offers an online certification for Clinical Nutrition and Holistic Health. Located in Woodbridge, New Jersey, the Academy of Natural and Health Sciences offers a CLN Clinical Nutrition and Holistic Health Certification Program consisting of 500 hours of online courses and practicum. Learn more about this program by clicking the link:

SEI Offers Accessible, Affordable and World-Class Business Degrees

LogoIt’s now easier than ever to receive a university degree. Southpoint Education International (SEI) provides complete bachelor’s, master’s and doctorate level  online business programs  for anyone in the U.S., Canada and Caribbean. With 25 years of distance and online education experience, the SEI team is able to offer exception education that is both affordable and accessible.

Academy of Natural Health Sciences New Nutrition School

One of the best schools in the country for holistic medicine, The Academy of Natural Health Sciences, is now offering a new certification in Clinical Nutrition and Holistic Health. This new 500-hour classroom certification is designed to teach theories and practical applications in clinical nutrition, natural health, and holistic nutrition.

HQ Aviation, a Trusted Helicopter Training School Now Provides Helicopter for Hire in Florida

HQ Aviation after establishing its eminence in the UK is now fortifying itself in the USA and has emerged as a trusted helicopter training school. It is now providing helicopters For Hire in Florida with its base at Orlando Executive Airport. The fleet that HQ provides for Self Fly Hire consists of R22, R44 and R66 Helicopters. The new HQ hirers are needed to go for a currency check with one of HQ's instructors after which they can rent all machines.

Massage and Bodywork Therapy Program Available at New Jersey Massage Therapy School

The Academy of Natural Health Sciences in Woodbridge, New Jersey has recently created a program for massage and bodywork therapy. Getting a massage can be a healing and therapeutic process, whether it is specifically sought after to relieve pain, relax muscles, or just release stress from everyday life. Massage therapy can be a rewarding profession and now residents from around New York City and New Jersey can learn techniques on massage and bodywork therapy.

Time Travel, Continental Drifting, and Future Earth

LogoThe recently published “Unified Field Theory” (UFT) presents the main theory from the book The Alpha Torque. The issue of time travel comes up when people try to find the ramifications of time traveling. The analysis of this question will lead us to some interesting findings.

Conversionpath Now Offering 3-Days Adobe Sitecatalyst User Training Course

ConversionPath, the New Delhi-based agency specialising in providing product-base and conceptual training programmes for corporates since 2010, has now started offering user training course in Adobe SiteCatalyst. The programme helps the user understand the art of interpreting the behaviour of an online consumer, thereby helping managers develop better sales strategy. The three-day user training course will help users explore the immense capabilities of Adobe SiteCatalyst, thereby empowering managers to make well-informed decisions about their products.

Paralegals Currently Experiencing Great Job Growth and Opportunities

LogoParalegals are currently experiencing fantastic job growth rates and exciting opportunities, and the entire field is quickly on the rise. That means it's the perfect time to obtain training and certification, and join the exciting legal profession, getting hands on in one of the most important fields in today's society.

Medical Billing and Coding Employment Rapidly Rising

LogoThe fields of medical billing and medical coding are enjoying great growth rates, and better than average levels of unemployment and other important metrics. All of this indicates that today is the perfect day to begin studying to join a new professional field within the allied health professional industry.

Natural Healing College Announced Two Brand New Programs: Aromatherapy and Family Herbalist

It is to be noted that Natural Healing College is 100% an online school that is dedicated to educating students about health to prepare them as Board Certified Health Practitioners and Herbal Ayurvedic Practitioners, in addition to Certified Nutritional Consultants (Nutrition Experts).

Students Receive Affordable Online MBA Degrees from Southpoint Education International

LogoNot all business professionals need or seek an MBA, however, some professionals need such a degree if they wish to reach new areas of business or work in specific trades and companies. An MBA degree is a great degree for any business professional, yet the process of obtaining the degree is demanding. A business professional doesn’t have time to step away from their profession and attend a university in a traditional setting. Most business professionals need a way to take classes and earn an MBA while working at the same time. Luckily, such a way exists.

Southpoint Education International Provides World-Class Online Business Programs

LogoThe days of traditional university education are dwindling. With the boom and expansive growth of the internet, it’s easier than ever to receive quality education that is both affordable and flexible. Southpoint Education International offers just that.

Southpoint Education International Offers Online MBM Coursework and Degrees

LogoSouthpoint Education International is a leading online educational institute for all things business. Southpoint partners with Edinburgh Napier University to deliver accredited courses that are tailored to the needs of students around the United States. Students can obtain an MBA, MBM, and other graduate-level business degrees.

Reiki Awakening Academy Launches Newly Upgraded Website Offering Greater Access to Intuitive Development

LogoAccording to Executive Director Alice Langholt, the site has a new streamlined look and design, to better provide free and affordable online classes, certification programs, and online training in holistic studies.

FunEasyLearn Launched an Innovative English Learning App on Google Play: Learn English 6000 Words

Fun Easy Learn recently released a new app on Google Play called Learn English 6000 Words. The app created for Android devices is an intuitive and elegantly-designed English learning mobile app, which helps users learn around 6,000 words in the English language with a pictorial illustration of each of the word for easy comprehension.

Doctor Joseph Obi Seeks One Billion Alternative Medicine Apprentices.

LogoDoctor Joseph Obi , the Highly Controversial Medical Politician and Alternative Medicine Campaigner , now seems to have boldly moved up a gear, and is now said to be currently seeking One Billion Students to publicly sign up for an (Internet-Based) Alternative Medicine Course; under the auspices of the Registered Informal Learning Program for Apprentices.

Communispond Now Provides Executive Coaching to Help Enhance Communication Skills

With an aim to instill much needed confidence into the corporate world, Communispond is now providing highly executive coaching to focused on communication skills. This coaching has been categorized in two broad categories, 'developmental’ and ‘event based'. The former is for executives and leaders who wish to augment their performance and position by improvising and polishing their communication skills. Event- based communications coaching is for those executives and associates who need to stay on top of their game for speeches, presentations, and conversations with the press and media.

Trust Jacker Review - A Retired Financial Advisor Dissects This New System

Trust Jacker is a new WordPress plug-in ('add-on') that is geared towards facilitating internet marketing, almost to the point of automation. As I will stress in this review, the system is NOT hands-free and it does require some work.

Distance Education Academy Promotes Resourceful Distance Learning Courses

Distance Education Academy is an online school that’s presently promoting accredited distance learning courses. The cost to enrol is very inexpensive for many of the classes, with some reduced for promotional purposes. Learn a new trade or enhance outdated skills to stay competitive in the job market for better wages and promotions. There are classes that last for three months or up to one year, depending on the course.