Education Press Releases

Champion Traffic School Explains the Dangers of Neglecting Traffic Tickets and How Enrolling to Traffic School Can Prevent Traffic Violations

Speeding is one of the most frequent traffic violations that most drivers commit. It cannot be denied that once drivers get behind the steering wheel, they had this burning desire to speed up in the road as if filming the next Fast and the Furious movie installment without thinking of the consequences they might encounter after being caught. Because what could be a $25 fine for speeding is actually a $110 or $125 fine once they got the chance to face the court for their traffic offenses. This might sound a joke to some drivers, but this is what most Delawarean drivers are experiencing who are caught from speeding. But if they took the time to get enrolled in cheap easy fast traffic school, paying for a costly speeding ticket might be prevented.

Environmental Health Trust Announces Winner and Honorable Mentions in Its Fifth Annual Practice Safe Tech Art Contest

The Environmental Health Trust has honored three local students who have been recognized as winners in this year's Practice Safe Tech Art Contest. The contest is held annually by Environmental Health Trust's Jackson Action team to encourage students to look more closely at the facts about wireless technology that is so prevalent in their daily lives and learn how to protect themselves from wireless exposure. The event took place Thursday, June 25th from 5 to 6 PM at the Teton County Library Auditorium.

IMS NOIDA Holds Annual Inter College Fest "PRATIBHA 2012"

Institute of Management Studies, Noida Sector 62 organized the 2 day Annual Inter College Festival “Pratibha 2012” today in the Institute Campus. The Chief Guest of the event was the Mr Sumit Awasthi Depty Editor Aajtak news channel.

Vocabulary Workshop Answers Now Available for the Popular Sadlier Oxford Vocabulary Workshops

Although many times underestimated, the ability to communicate effectively and eloquently is an essential part of life. It allows a person to express their thoughts, interests, ideas and emotions in a variety of situations, including in an educational atmosphere, at work and with friends and family.

BC Race Marco Bitran Race to Educate

As reported by the Boston Globe, the second annual BC Race to Educate was held at Boston College Saturday morning to benefit the Saint Columbkille Partnership School in Brighton. Top 5 winners were Eric Mendoza, Sara Putterman, Steve Macpherson, Mark Pineau and Marco Bitran. Further articles can be found here.

Kaizen Education Leadership Addresses Change Driven Due to No Child Left Behind Waivers

Dr. Rich McGrath ( is an expert in all phases of education, particularly versed in school-wide reform of inner city schools; with experience leading a school of students with over 90% poverty and over 60% English Language Learners. As many states have received (or are seeking) waivers from the Federal No Child Left Behind program, a need to coach principals in best practices, and effective change methodologies is stronger than ever.

Dr. Rich McGrath Looks at Role of Education and Workforce Readiness for Quality Digest

Education is beginning to recognize that school performance and accountability is tantamount to the Director of Quality role in every manufacturing plant. Some of this shift is taking place because No Child Left Behind, while valiant in concept ten years ago, is not equally suitable to all learning, all children, or all schools. Nearly two thirds of all states have requested or received waivers from the Department of Education to measure performance and achievement using metrics most suitable to the desired performance outcomes.

Campus Explorer People's Choice College of the Year Award 2012

Nominations are invited from colleges in india for the public poll “College of the Year 2012”, the first of its kind to be live on the website

History Revisited: Hermann Goring's Treasure Vault Captured April 26, 1945

Late afternoon on April 25, 1945 a "spotter" aircraft, surveying damage done in Germany's Berchtesgaden/Obersalzberg area by British Lancaster bombers, observed a labor camp near Adolf Hitler's mountain home, the Berghof.

Ayurvedic and Panchakarma Principles to Be Taught at Upcoming Ayurvedic Health Educator Program

Since it opened in 1995, the California College of Ayurveda (CCA) has prided itself on offering top-notch professional training programs on the study of Ayurvedic Medicine in the West.

B-School in Pune Providing Careers in Telecom

After passing Graduation it becomes important to decide what courses to take up next which will give you benefit in the long run and which also has a lot of scope for growth. The course of business management is becoming popular among today’s generation of students, as it has a wide scope and after completion of course, if you are recruited by a reputed company, you will earn a handsome salary.

Co-operate and Collaborate Creatively: eXact Learning Solutions' Message to the West's Corporate Learning Industry

The western learning and publishing industries are being urged to experience their own ‘Sputnik effect’ – 50 years after President Kennedy committed the US to win the Space Race after being surprised by the initial success of the USSR’s ‘Sputniks’.

KidWorks Academic Programs Empower Six At-Risk Santa Ana Youth to Graduate from Mater Dei High School

KidWorks, a Santa Ana-based non-profit that serves at-risk children and teens, today announced that six youth in its programs have successfully graduated from Mater Dei High School, a private Catholic high school, also located in Santa Ana. This is the largest number of teens in KidWorks programs to ever have graduated from Mater Dei, known for its demanding academic standards tailored to help students succeed in high school and beyond.

Topper Lunches AIEEE Exam Cracker

The top online education portal in India, Topper, has announced the launch of a new section on their website on devoted to CBSE AIEEE. This new section will include features like tests, assessment reports and past AIEEE exam papers with over 50000 questions.

Setting the Record Straight: 101st Airborne Was First at Berchtesgaden

The Mobile 910th Antiaircraft/Tank Battalion, attached to the 101st Airborne Division, arrived early on the morning of April 26, 1945 at the Village of Berchtesgaden, Germany—one day after British Lancaster bombers attacked the Berchtesgaden-Obersalzberg area.

Lawrence Technological University Breaks New Ground With Architectural Engineering Degree Program

As more architecture students focus on the imperatives of sustainability, many are choosing to pursue an architecture degree in Michigan at the highly ranked university.

Lifelong Learners Find Fulfillment Thanks to IGNOU Distance Education Courses

Most adults never stop their quest for knowledge. Whether this is through traditional routes of learning like school, work training and books or through other nontraditional paths, many adults strive to increase their level of knowledge on a variety of topics. Classes are often the most effective way to achieve this goal, but busy schedules and distance often prevent adults from taking traditional university classes. In today’s competitive work field, additional knowledge can differentiate one job candidate from another, so continuing education becomes not only a desire but also a necessity for certain individuals. Thanks to a website called IGNOU courses, many people are now talking about how a quality university education is within the reach of busy professionals.

Iowa NCLB Reform Must Include Principal Leadership Urges Dr. Rich McGrath

Jason Nobel reported in the Des Moines Register that Iowa Gov. Terry Branstad suggested Senate Democrats and other lawmakers who obstruct passage of “bold” reforms to K-12 education could face political consequences in this year’s elections. Branstad has championed a wide-ranging education reform package since the legislative session began in January, and has been supported for the most part by the Republican-controlled House. Nobel noted that the Democratic Senate, however, has taken issue with many elements of the reform, including expansions to charter and online schools and an early-grade literacy effort that would force schools to hold back third graders who cannot demonstrate reading proficiency.

713 Training Offers Attractive Bankruptcy Assistant Training Packages at Significantly Discounted Prices

Bankruptcy Assistants are in high demand these days because of the present day economic situations. A virtual Bankruptcy Assistant is a private, self-employed contractor who works from home for attorneys who do work in bankruptcies.

Yoga Teacher Training in London Is Scheduled to Start This Summer at the Yoga People Studio

Around the UK, thousands of people enjoy practicing yoga. The combination of breathing and poses has been shown to have both physical and mental benefits. Many people who like yoga also enjoy getting together with others who practice it; this allows them to share their experiences and learn together.

Medical School Careers Launched to Provide Comprehensive Guide to Medical Students

Health service careers can be daunting to approach for those thinking about taking the first steps. The high level of education required and the many years of training can intimidate some, and prevent them from pursuing their dream of becoming a medical professional.

A School for Make up Artists in Melbourne for Short Courses & Training

The Melbourne Institute of Nails & Beauty or MIONAB for short is based at Richmond, Victoria in Australia. They conduct training courses for hairdressers, makeup artists, nail technicians, and beauty therapists. They follow the guidelines and practices set up by the iconic beauty therapist and hair stylist, Josephine Scarfone. The group now owns around 60 salons in Melbourne that comprises Le Nails, Diamond Nails, Hollywood Nails, Odyssey Nails Le Beauty, and also Odyssey Nails Hair & Beauty. This school provides you with make up artist training.

Florida Literacy Coalition Announces Annual State Literacy Award Winners

LogoThe Florida Literacy Coalition recently recognized two organizations and three individuals for their commitment and dedication to increasing adult and family literacy in the state of Florida. The awards were presented at a special banquet held during the annual Florida Literacy Conference in St. Petersburg, Fla.

phati'tude Literary Magazine Available for Sale on

phati’tude Literary Magazine offers literary aficionados a wide range of diverse writers at an affordable price.

IAPAM's Announces June 1, 2012 Date for hCG Training

The IAPAM is training physicians on how to add $100,000+ a year in non-insurance based revenue to an existing practice, by offering their physician-led hCG Training in Scottsdale, Arizona on June 1, 2012.

Community Bank Chooses TRC Interactive to Deliver Online Fraud Prevention Training

Community Bank has selected TRC Interactive, Inc., the nation’s leader in interactive financial institution training, to deliver First Line of Defense ~ Fraud Detection and Loss Prevention Challenge, an online interactive experiential exercise for banks and credit unions that helps keep their staff sharp, focused and alert to the latest scams.

Ecotech Institute Increases Veterans' Resources, Including Partnership With Veterans Green Jobs

Ecotech Institute, the first and only college entirely focused on renewable energy and sustainability, today announced that it has formed a relationship with Colorado-based Veterans Green Jobs, whose mission is to engage, transition and connect military veterans with meaningful employment opportunities. About 15 percent of Ecotech’s current student population is made up of military veterans.