Education Press Releases

All Beauty College Helps Its Students' Talents Shine with New Technology

All Beauty College is thrilled to announce that they have switched to a new curriculum this month. The innovative new system the cosmetology school has changed to means an education that entails all the latest industry-related educational tools coupled with the ability for teachers to tailor a learning process that works best for each individual student. The change affects all three of the school's Arizona campuses which are located in Fort Mohave, Kingman, and Lake Havasu.

Palmer Trinity School Donates $50K to Village of Palmetto Bay for Bike Lane Initiatives

The presentation took place on campus. Attendees included faculty, students, Head of School Patrick Roberts, Chairman of the Board of Trustees Michael Baiamonte, and Village of Palmetto Bay Mayor Eugene Flinn, Jr., Vice Mayor John Dubois, Councilmembers Larissa Siegel Lara, Karyn Cunningham and Tim Schaffer, and Village Manager Edward Silva.

Ed4Online Partners with Texas Southern University

LogoEd4Online is pleased to announce a new partnership with another historic black college, Texas Southern University (TSU) Office of Continuing Education. Through this new partnership, Ed4Online will offer online education courses to students and alumni seeking continuing education opportunities, in an environment that’s virtually accessible at any time.

ColourRich Announces Professional Web Design Services

ColourRich, one of the fastest growing web design Oxford services today, is offering clients a greater array of services to meet their needs, and today they are providing complete design, SEO and e-marketing tools among others. According to this web design London company, their wide array of products and services are designed to meet the needs of different clients. Currently this creative web design company is giving clients, on the average, a 54% increase in the number of visitors within six months of working on your site. According to the company, they are able to do this by using the appropriate keywords so you get a first page ranking in Google and get noticed by more users.

Legend Writers Garners Praise for Its Academic Paper Writing Service

According to the Boston University website, students need to begin the dissertation process a minimum of 22 months before graduation due to the number of steps involved when completing the process. Students, however, often find they lack the time to complete the steps as outlined by the website, due to other assignments and daily responsibilities and many choose to turn to Legend Writers for assistance. "Students frequently learn about Legend Writers when looking into research papers for sale, and the research paper writing service does more than just write my essay for students," Paul Watson of Legend Writers explains.

Gold IRA Guidance Now Providing Expert Advice for Investing in Gold

Because of economic uncertainties, more and more people are becoming interested in a gold IRA rollover. It is for this reason that Gold IRA Guidance is now offering its vast resources and expert knowledge to help newbie investors learn everything there is to know about investing in this precious metal.

Conversionpath Conducting Training Workshops in Landing Page Optimization Techniques

Digital marketers short on digital marketing skills can attend a one-day course of ConversionPath on Landing Page Optimization to shore up their ability. The 1-day training workshop trains the participants in conveying their marketing message efficiently, thus increasing conversions. The course walks them through techniques of creating high-converting landing pages. Students can choose between classroom/web based training.

Conversionpath Conducting Training Workshops in Landing Page Optimization Techniques

Digital marketers short on digital marketing skills can attend a one-day course of ConversionPath on Landing Page Optimization to shore up their ability. The 1-day training workshop trains the participants in conveying their marketing message efficiently, thus increasing conversions. The course walks them through techniques of creating high-converting landing pages. Students can choose between classroom/web based training.

HopInTop Launches Scholarship Contest for Local College Students in Atlanta Georgia

LogoHopInTop, Atlanta’s boutique Internet Marketing Firm has launched a contest for local university and college students here in Atlanta resulting in a $5,000 grand prize with a chance to interview with the CEO, Chad Adam.

Massage Therapy Relieves Children with Cancer: Study Revealed

LogoMassage therapy promotes general improvement in physical (i.e. reduced muscle soreness, improved muscle relaxation, discomfort, and respiratory rate), psychological well-being (i.e. reduced state and train anxiety and overall emotional well-being), and quality of life among pediatric cancer patients. Cancer cases among children continue to increase, driving health care providers to look for cheaper palliative treatment options for managing symptoms of both the illness and its treatment. In this regard, complementary and alternative procedures, such as massage therapy, are becoming popular.

Massage Therapy Helps Promote Positive Body Image

LogoMassage therapy helps improve body image issue, according to a study. Body image issues are not new, and have been plaguing men and women, young and old for a time now. Body size, weight, and appearance anxieties may sometimes impose negative view of one’s self and unhealthy eating habits. Such thoughts may also be complicated by depression, negative feelings, and low self-esteem.

Chicago's Corporate and Civic Leaders to Help Low-Income Community College Students Gain a Competitive Edge

LogoOne Million Degrees (OMD) is thrilled to announce its annual “It’s Who You Know” Speed Networking and Mocktail Reception, hosted by JPMorgan Chase—where industry leaders in healthcare, financial services, education, government, and philanthropy will help OMD Scholars sharpen their networking skills and build personal and professional networks. Volunteers will participate in a high-energy night of speed networking and mingling over "mocktails" with OMD Scholars.

Entrepreneur to Give Away Backyard Roller Coaster for Science is the brainchild of Internet Entrepreneur and Management Consultant Will Pemble, who created the CoasterDad Project to support science education, community involvement, and family projects. In the fall of 2013, Mr. Pemble started building a backyard roller coaster at his home in Orinda, California. Throughout the project, friends and neighbors took an interest. Asking questions, making suggestions, and enjoying the excitement of such an unusual neighborhood event. Pemble quickly seized on the opportunity to challenge neighborhood kids with simple math and science questions about roller coaster and project related topics. "At the start, the kids and I had to figure out what materials we needed. That took us into and through a fair bit of arithmetic," said Pemble, "After that, we started figuring things like bank angles and acceleration, and so on. Roller coasters are a great source of physics questions."

Youth Environmental Ambassadors Program Announces an Environmental Education Expedition for Students

Youth Environmental Ambassadors Program (YEAP) is a new program with a mission to connect youth with nature, to teach them its value, show them its beauty and to inspire them to preserve it. To achieve its goal, YEAP has partnered with the award-winning organization, Students on Ice (SOI), to offer its first-ever educational program on a two-week SOI-led expedition to the Arctic in July 2014.

Woodland Park Partnerships Make "Leadercast" Available for Pike's Peak Viewers

LogoCommunity business leaders are stepping up as partners to bring access to the knowledge and experience of world-renowned leaders for Leadercast 2014.

Groundbreaking "Little Dumplings" Video Teaches Children Mandarin Chinese

“Little Dumplings” is a highly effective Mandarin Chinese video learning program for babies, toddlers and preschoolers ( Based on the curriculum of the Little Dumplings Mandarin Preschool in Manhattan NYC, children and families get the benefit of a curriculum that has been finely honed over years of watching children engage with the material.

Solving Questions and Finishing Homework Made Easier

It is a very annoying situation when there is huge amount of homework piled up and there are questions that are very difficult to solve. Many times students have to compensate on their extra-curricular activities to give time to the homework. It is always nice to find a helping hand during these circumstances. Online tutorials are gaining recognition these days and they are a great source of help for the students. One of the platforms that have been helping with homework help is extutorials. The platform has been created for students looking to get their queries solved and even get their homework done if required.

Pivot Tables in Excel Presents a Simple and Clear Guide to Using Pivot Tables

The website Pivot Tables in Excel has released a tutorial that seeks to show how to best make use of Microsoft Excel’s Pivot Tables for optimum results. The publishers have clearly shown why Pivot Tables are one of the most useful and efficient functions in Excel.

Dad Builds Backyard Roller Coaster, Supports Science Education motivates kids to learn science and math through the challenge and excitement of building backyard roller coasters.

Massage; Voted Alternative Medicine's Best by Consumers

LogoStudies conducted by a non-profit consumer magazine showed healing hands are the best alternative medicine for 34,000 respondents. The study was based on consumer effectiveness ratings between conventional and complementary treatments. Results showed massage therapy was very popular in treating osteoporosis and fibromyalgia. Chiropractic ranked ahead for back pain. Exercise on the other hand has a wide range of applicable conditions including back pain, allergies, respiratory problems, rheumatoid arthritis, high blood pressure, high cholesterol, depression, insomnia, and prostate problems.

Baby Boomers Take New Career Risks, Open Small Businesses

LogoGeneration Y are more financially literate than Baby Boomers, according to a study. Northwestern Mutual’s 2013 Planning and Progress Study discovered that almost a quarter (24 percent) of Gen Y respondents described themselves as “highly disciplined” financial planners. The group stated they exactly have specific plans to meet their target financial goals, and rarely veer away from those plans. About 14 percent of Boomers and 16 percent of all respondents tagged themselves highly disciplined.

Ed4Online Now Offering Professional Gunsmithing Program

LogoEd4Online is now proud to offer active-duty military personnel, sporting enthusiasts and firearm collectors nationwide the opportunity to participate in its new Professional Gunsmithing Program. The program will be geared toward developing the crucial skills needed for employment or entrepreneurship as a proficient gunsmith.

Raleigh Preschool Unveils New Playground Design

LogoRaleigh preschool and child care center, Primary Beginnings, is excited to unveil their new playground design at their Spring Forest center!

Alia Healthcare Services Offers STNA Classes Cincinnati Students Can Count to Pass All Their Exams

Alia Healthcare Services, the distinguished provider of STNA classes Cincinnati residents rely on for outstanding nurse aide training, is pleased to announce that their students currently have a 20 percent higher than average pass rate on the written portion of the STNA certification exam. Pass rates for Alia graduates are 12 percent higher than average on the skills portion of the STNA exam. Alia Healthcare Services is a regionally accredited State Tested Nurse Aide (STNA) testing site, meaning that students are able to take their certification exam right on campus.

Ninegate Online Is a New Math Fantasy E-Learning Project for Kids

Vicki Guan, a University of Pennsylvania graduate, recently announced the launch of a campaign for her new e-learning project, Ninegate Online, a fantasy story with plot twists and mysteries that help children master elementary and middle school math skills. Students join Luke and Ekul, the main characters, as they explore the imaginary world of Ninegate in search of Luke's older sister, Kyra—a journey that takes them through many adventures.

Start a Rewarding Career with TEFL and TESOL Certification

English being the language of international business and education is given importance across the globe in most of the countries. For those who are proficient and TEFL or TESOL certified can find rewarding careers by teaching English in various countries such as Vietnam, China, France, Japan, etc.

UK Essays Releases Tips on How to Write an Effective Essay

UK Essays, a website that features in-depth and helpful reviews of some of the top essay writing services that are currently available, has just released an infographic that shows in great detail how to write an effective essay.