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United International College Signs Additional MoUs at Sino-American Liberal Arts Forum

Beijing Normal University - Hong Kong Baptist University United International College (UIC) made another massive advancement by signing a memorandum of understanding (MoU) with Oberlin College as well as signing a MoU and an exchange agreement with Hendrix College.

Metro Tech Partners with the OKC Police Department for Pre-Law Enforcement Program

Metro Technology Centers have recently partnered with the Oklahoma City Police Department for the school's Pre-Law Enforcement Program.

Go the Distance for Autism Celebrates National Autism Awareness Month with Ben & Jerry's

LogoDesignated as National Autism Awareness Month in 1970, April brings together businesses, individuals and organizations to show support for the autism community, raise funds for research, and promotes the rights of individuals with autism, encouraging respect for their differences.

Announcing New Way to Turn Old Stuff Into Cash, Using Explorite, - Amazing Site That Acts as Classifieds at Northeastern University

Explorite, an online service that helps students buy, sell or trade books and other school-related products is now available at Northeastern University. With Explorite, the Northeastern University students marketplace is now on the web where a number of items and services can be purchased, sold or traded.

Film Schools 4U Brings out Filmmaking DVDs

Film Schools 4U, started by Eric von Schulz and Burton Morris for introducing film school education for prospective filmmakers and others to fine-tune their filmmaking skills, offers Film School DVD course consisting of 5 DVDs. ‘The Starter Course in Filmmaking’ has been introduced so as to help folks garner the filmmaking skills that Erick von Schulz has learned over the years. Burton Morris, who was mentored by Schulz, engages him in discussion regarding the filmmaking tips that he had given the younger filmmaker over the last one and a half years.

Explorite, a College-Only Social Marketplace, Takes on Classifieds at Northeastern University

Explorite is a new website dedicated to serving the needs of Northeastern University students as well as those from other colleges and universities. Explorite provides a student marketplace, roommate and job finding services and even a classified section as well.

Learn How to Save Money with Explorite, the New Northeastern University Classifieds

A new web platform for college students is now available those attending Northeastern University. Explorite is a free online social marketplace that offers college students a place to buy, sell or trade books and college related items. Plus, Explorite offers a classified section to find roommates, car pooling opportunities, off-campus apartments and employment opportunities for college or university students.

Cosmetology School in Alabama the Salon Professional Academy Puts Its Best Face On

The Salon Professional Academy in Huntsville, a top cosmetology school in Alabama attracted more than 70 people to its February 28th open house. Current students were the stars of the show, demonstrating their newly-acquired hair and make-up skills to salon owners and potential employers, students, parents and friends. Visitors also toured The Academy’s state-of-the-art facility and viewed a slideshow that highlighted its programs, services and staff.

Why Is Planning to Be the Next Northeastern University Classifieds

Northeastern University students now have access to Explorite, a new website that offers an online marketplace for college students. Explorite provides an online marketplace for college and university students to buy, sell, trade or share textbooks and other college related material. Furthermore, Explorite expands the Northeastern University classifieds by including other colleges and universities. From hosting classifieds that offer employment, car pooling and roommate opportunities as well as finding off-campus apartments and more, Explorite is the online college marketplace.

Chambers Institute Offers English Course IELTS in Melbourne

The Chambers Institute, located in Melbourne, Australia offers different English language courses which are flexible as well as affordable. These courses include the General English, Pro English as well the IELTS preparation courses.

NATEC Upgrades Its Facility

LogoComfort, convenience and better educational tools are now a part of the NATEC facility. Their new upgrade includes a free continental breakfast, classrooms which incorporate new Smartboard technology, free Wifi and a new student lounge. NATEC is one of the largest training companies in California with twenty-five successful years of provided accredited hazardous material related training course in their classroom facilities. They offer asbestos training, lead training and mold training including both worker training and asbestos and lead supervisor training. NATEC has long provided their clients with solutions for getting the required training they need for their jobs in spite of having to meet a challenging schedule. They also offer the benefits of experienced and knowledgeable instructors to provide them with the training solutions they need in asbestos related courses and lead paint related courses in a single location. Thanks to the upgrades to their new student lounge, students can enjoy getting their day off to a good start with the free continental breakfast and use their laptops and cell phones to keep in touch and do any need work with the free Wifi. The new upgrade is expected to provide a more comfortable atmosphere that will promote an enjoyable learning experience.

Healthcare and Medical School Information Website Announces Its Launch, a resource for individuals seeking information about medical school and healthcare jobs, has recently announced their launch.

Culinary Connection Culinary Arts Academy Offering Less Expensive Alternative

The Occupational Outlook Handbook recently updated its statistics on chefs and head cooks, stating that between 2013 and 2020, the overall job opportunities are expected to be good, but competition is expected to be high for jobs in upscale restaurants, hotels and casinos where pay is greater. For the student looking to study Culinary Arts, the average cost of a two-year associates degree for culinary arts is between $40,000 and $50,000.

Los Angeles-Based University Professor Uses Trumpia to Foster Thriving Educational Environments

Cal State LA Professor, Jon Beaupré, utilizes Trumpia's text-to-screen feature to engage students, spark more interest with course topics, and encourage participation during live panel discussions.

American Accent Interactive iPad Book Now Available in Japan is pleased to announce that their multi-touch iPad book for learning the American accent is now available for English learners in Japan.

The Language Class Promotes Italian Language Lessons in London

Learning a new language is not only fun, but also very useful when you go to a foreign country and, The Language Class is a great opportunity for the students in London to learn European languages and other languages.

Journey to Happiness and Success Teaches Readers How to Be Successful

LogoJourney To Happiness And Success is a new website that has been launched to teach readers from all over the world how to become successful in life. Launched by Windy Davis, the site aims to teach others how to find happiness in their lives through improving their motivation and dedication to succeed in all areas of their life.

MDIS School of Engineering Announces Diploma and Degree Programs

The school is now offering engineering undergraduate programmes with its world renowned university partner, the University of Bradford. These undergraduate programmes include Bachelor of Engineering (Hons) in Mechanical Engineering and Bachelor of Engineering in Electrical and Electronic Engineering. -AWESOME 10 Minute Reading Kit for Children

Parents spending just 10 minutes a day with my super-easy, home based early reading system will notice an improvement with your child's reading.

Brevard Community College Announces Bachelor Degrees in General Business MGMT and Health Care MGMT

Brevard Community College (BCC) is excited to announce their new Bachelor’s Degrees in General Business Management and Health Care Management with the inaugural program opening in the Fall of 2013. BCC offers more than 100 degrees and programs including Bachelor’s Degrees, Associate Degrees and fast-track certificate training across four campuses in Cocoa, Melbourne, Palm Bay and Titusville or online.

New Boston University Marketplace for College Students Explorite Expands Social Marketplace to Include Boston University

LogoExplorite, an online social marketplace for college students in Massachusetts, has now expanded its services to include Boston University students. Students at Boston University can now use Explorite to buy, sell and trade goods and services to fellow students.

Textbook Prices Are Inflating Even Faster Than Tuition Prices: New Boston University Classifieds for Students Makes Buying Textbooks More Affordable

LogoEducation isn’t cheap for Boston University students. Books and supplies cost first-year students at Boston University approximately $1,000 on average for the 2012 to 2013 academic year, according to the National Center for Education Statistics (NCES). This is an increase of $60 from the previous academic year.

Stylists Nationwide Explores International Markets Without Leaving US Soil

LogoMBDRP announces the launch of its exclusive membership program (, available nationwide. The exclusive purveyor of this unique opportunity is ( An “Overnight success” is the prediction for beauty professionals associated with MBDRP programs, said Dr. Proctor of MBDRP.

Posting Student Jobs at Boston University Through Explorite Is Now Open

March 2013 - Explorite is a student-based online platform that is both a marketplace and communication center. From buying and selling items, finding roommates and apartments, to those willing to car pool and even posting student jobs, Explorite is the online site that offers a wide range of services.

New Students Marketplace Provided by Is Now Available at Boston University in Massachusetts

Explorite is a new website that offers online services to expand the marketplace at Boston University. Offering a platform for students to both communicate with each other and find the things they need, Explorite offers a number of needed services for college and university students.

Explorite Provides the First Social Marketplace for College Students at Boston University in Massachusetts

A new website, Explorite is now part of the Boston University marketplace for college students. Explorite is an online marketplace that is devoted to serving college and university students in a number of different ways. From providing a marketplace to finding jobs, roommates and even help with car pooling, Explorite expands the options of Boston University students.

Explorite Present Pioneering as the First Boston University Student's Marketplace

Explorite, a new online service helps students buy trade and sell books and materials needed for college is now available for Boston University. Explorite essentially takes the student marketplace and places it on the web. Today, students from selected universities can enjoy a number of advantages thanks to Explorite.