Education Press Releases

Little Kids Rock Receives Grant from the NAMM Foundation

Little Kids Rock has been named a grant recipient of The NAMM Foundation. The organization was selected as one of 24 organizations to receive a grant to fund vital programs that create and support access to musical instruction and that serve to inspire a life-long love of making music in its population.

The Millionaire's Brain: Life-Changing New eBook Shuns Hype to Expose Realistic Route to Financial Dreams

The Millionaire's Brain- a new training course from Winter & Alvin has just been released to the public creating a buzz of excitement throughout the personal development community. The media attention surrounding the program's release has caught the attention of's Tiffany Hendricks prompting an investigative review.

Website Introduces New Jigsaw Puzzles for Kids

Children find new ways to learn and an approach that has time and again proven to help them improve their tactical as well as intellectual skills is introducing jigsaw puzzles as part of their learning program.

Global Scholar in Residence Joins Palmer Trinity School for 2014-2015 Academic Year

LogoPalmer Trinity School is privileged to welcome Dr. Manjula B. Salomon as Global Scholar in Residence for the 2014-2015 academic year.

College Essay Service Offers Professional Essay Writing Services for All Those College Aspirants Who Find That Writing Is Not Their Forte

College entrance applications are usually a very stressful time for many college aspirants because of all the formalities they need to get completed before securing their seat. Add to that the additional stress of writing a bunch of essays, which need to be absolutely perfect and competitive to the highest degree in order for the individual to be considered for admission, and the college admission procedure turns into an absolute nightmare for most. What’s more, amidst all of this, staying up late, skipping meals and losing sleep becomes second nature, something that compromises on the health of the individual.

MVJCE Has Been Awarded LabVIEW Academy Award on NIDays 2014

LogoAt MVJ College of Engineering (MVJCE) the faculty and students are always passionate to “do engineering” by using advanced tools and technology. Among many finest technologies and tools, LabVIEW is widely recognized platform from National Instruments which simplifies the procedures and makes any project successful and accurate. (LabVIEW is a graphical programming platform that helps engineers scale from design to test and from small to large systems.)

Officials Dismiss Baseless Complaint by Lance Martin Against College of Universal Medicine

LogoA complaint lodged by Bangalow resident Lance Martin in June against the College of Universal Medicine (CoUM) has been dismissed in full by the Office of Gaming, Liquor and Racing (OGLR) who found no concerns regarding the college’s administration under charity laws. Now Offers Pay to Do Assignments for Variety of Subjects

With an aim to help students in their academic curriculum, is now offering pay to do the assignment. Now students who find it hard to deal with their homework, can assign their work to some expert writer and get their work done. In return to this, they have to pay some amount to the writers.

Shredkick Announces One-Time Event in Staten Island to Promote Music Education

While the countless benefits of music have been long known throughout the world, a recent neurological study revealed merely listening to music can reduce stress by up to 33 percent. Those positive elements are more than doubled for those who can play an instrument. This is old news to the 20 million Americans who currently possess some level of guitar playing skills; however, an estimated 30 percent of Americans who have the will but not the opportunity to learn this art have yet to experience those gains.

SHPE Greater San Fernando Valley Announces Special "Noche De Ciencias" Event to Raise Awareness of STEM Education

It's a sad fact that in many under-privileged predominantly Latino communities, there is a great need for more emphasis on critically important Science, Technology, Engineering and Math (STEM) education. A huge part of the problem, in the eyes of many experts, is the lack of understanding that the problem even exists. Stepping up to do their best to address this concern is the Society of Hispanic Professional Engineers (SHPE) of Greater San Fernando Valley. SHPE sponsors and hosts their annual flagship event “Noche de Ciencias” (Science Night) in an effort to raise awareness of the importance of STEM education in the communities that need it most. The response to past events has been wildly enthusiastic.

Online MBA Programs Now Available in Nigeria Through SEI

LogoThose who are interested in pursuing an MBA for a better and brighter future will need to choose the right place to receive their education. Southpoint Education International is well known for its many different programs and has an outstanding academic reputation.

Southpoint Education International Is Extending MBA Programs to Nigeria

LogoSouthpoint Education International has an excellent Nigeria MBA program specifically for people who live in this part of the world. With a variety of programs to choose from, including banking, finance, as well as a traditional classroom experience with some of the best teachers in the nation, it is no wonder why so many choose to enroll here.

Online Job Training Academy DeZyre Announces New iOS App Development Course

A quick glance at the Apple Store makes it clear interest in apps is at an all-time high and showing absolutely no signs of doing anything, but experiencing more explosive growth.  The good news is that online job training academy DeZyre have recently announced the launch of their new iOS App Development course, designed to expertly prepare students to be able to begin creating apps and enjoying in the financial rewards being a app developer can bring.  The early response to the online course has been absolutely enthusiastic.

Tutors Can Provide Valuable Education at Minimal Expenses

Good tutors are very hard to find and most importantly they are so competent that they provide with best guidance to our youngsters. Being a good tutor involves a number of factors. Some of these may be personal traits and attributes of the tutor while some of these may be geographical or situational. It is therefore important to consider all these before hiring anyone as a tutor. Because the competency and skill with which the Tutor Austin will carry out their duty is highly dependent on this.

PSB Academy Continues to Strive Creating Opportunities for Students' Better Future

The PSB Academy is set to create a brighter career path for students who want to be managers in their own regard, with MBA course being offered in the educational institution.

Tutor - The Digital Edge to Meet the Needs of a Kid

Nowadays it is important for the parents that their kids have to attain the right education. This is the main reason why they want to give them the best assistance in order to keep up with their lessons. Many of them already hired a math tutor Austin in order to aid their child and help them to become excel in their class. Make a research about the different professionals that one can find in the place. There are surely many sources of information that one can use to know the best ones that they can hire in this aspect. Also, finding out more about them before hiring will help one to take decision on this matter.

Carolyne Barry Voted as One of Top Acting Teachers at the 2014 Backstage Readers' Choice Awards

Master talent coach Carolyne Barry has long been regarded as one of the top acting coaches in the greater Los Angeles area. The 2014 Backstage Readers’ Choice Awards recently honored Barry with three nominations in recognition of her prominence within the acting community. These nominations included “Favorite On-Camera Teacher,” “Favorite Improv Center,” and “Favorite Acting Technique Book” (“Hit The Ground Running” by Carolyne Barry).

PSB Academy and Conventry University Academic Partnership Aims to Bring Quality Degree Courses in Singapore

PSB Academy, one of the most well-known institutions for higher learning in Singapore, has now partnered with Coventry University in order to provide quality degree courses to its students and help them become more employable graduates. This is one of the most prestigious linkages the university has had as of late.

Music Lessons in Colorado Springs Enrich Young Lives in Many Positive Ways

Writing for CNN about "The Important of Music Education in Schools" Vince DiFiore remarked about the scholastic and social value that learning music can instill in young people. DiFiore writes, "Students that participate in music education have higher class and test scores. Their cognitive and personal development also benefits from having music play a significant role in their lives.

Next-Generation Workplace Learning Program Comes to Huntsville

LogoLaura Huckabee-Jennings, founder of Transcend in Huntsville, Alabama, announced today that Transcend is now among an exclusive group of coaches and consultants authorized to provide The Five Behaviors of a Cohesive Team™ to their clients after successfully completing the required applications, authorization and training process. Wiley’s Workplace Learning Solutions Group has partnered with Patrick Lencioni, the best-selling author of more than 10 books and one of the most sought-after business speakers in America, to provide a new tool designed to help organizations with their single most untapped competitive advantage: teamwork.

Teaching Kids the Value of Limiting Screen Time and Maximizing Life Beyond Technology

LogoThe glowing screen of the latest connected technological gadget can mesmerize us all, but most especially young children. No public space is immune; whether at a restaurant, a park, the beach, the pool, or a play date, you'll see them entranced by their electronic wonder -- and oblivious to the natural wonders and actual human beings all around them!

Graduate Entry Medicine (UK) Guidebook 2015-2016 Now Available Through

LogoThere are more than 82,000 applicants for no more than 7800 medical school seats in the UK. This makes it one of the hardest places in which to get into medical school. The MSAG ltd. has recently released its Graduate Entry Medicine UK Guidebook 2015-2016 that gives you an insight into the strategic issues involved in applying for medicine. The guidebook is now in its 6th edition and the previous editions have had outstanding reviews by users and career advisers working through universities in the UK. Offers Online Tutoring for Algebra, Geometry, Trigonometry, Pre-Calculus, and Calculus

David Cowan launches

Why IDC Gili Islands at Gili Air?

LogoGili Air is part of the Gili Islands. Where everyone in the past went to Gili Trawangan, Gili Air becomes now these days more popular. Most of the visitors of Gili Air have been in the past to Gili Trawangan but they can’t identify themselves with the feeling of it with the past.

VoiceAmerica Announces Launch: Version 3.0 of Promotional E-Card

LogoThe new innovative design will increase the reach and scope of live and on-demand episodes as well as increase visibility and SEO online to support VoiceAmerica hosts connecting with new guests, their distribution channels, as well as help listeners connect with the new talk content. The new design and technology enables delivery to mobile and desktop destinations and contains the most requested features by hosts and listeners. Some of the highlights include a new streamlined look and feel, direct share support for Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn, plus an “Add This” function which allows listeners and hosts to share e-card 3.0 with over 300 of the world’s social media networks. Additional features to e-card 3.0 include:

Leading Sydney Tutorial Launches English Crash Course Workshop This August

LogoGreat news for Sydney students eager to hone up their English skills, the leading tutoring center in Sydney S4S Coaching has announced to launch an English Crash Course Workshop this August.