Brings Into Limelight the Progress of Electronic Cigarettes reports that nearly after ten years of introduction of electronic cigarettes, the product is making news all over the globe.

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Dallas, TX -- (SBWIRE) -- 09/28/2012 -- expounds that electronic cigarette is a $250 million year industry which is expected to double the figures by 2014. The e cig industry sells 20 million flavored cartridges and 10 million disposables per year in the U.S. alone. Electric cigarettes are been widely used by smokers worldwide and carry a host of benefits when compared to real cigarettes. Reviews explain that with the electric cigarette available in the market, smokers who want to stop smoking eventually learn the gradual process of detaching oneself from the use of real cigarettes.

According to electronic cigarette reviews, report shows that smoking the electronic cigarettes actually increases memory. The conclusion is based on a test group of 85 men and women randomly given a nicotine e cigarette and a regular cigarette. “We found that e cigarettes with nicotine help maintain working memory in smokers who have not smoked for an hour or two,” said Dawkins in an edition of Science Daily. Dawkins said the study also shows decreased urges and cravings normally associated with cigarette smoking, as well as a positive increase in mood when smoking electronic cigarettes. Such a report was also carried out among the ones who smoked electronic cigarettes, the others smoking traditional tobacco cigarettes. Levels of volatile organic compounds (VOCs) were greatly reduced in the vapor of an e cigarette when compared with the same amount of tobacco smoke.

Also many of the restrictions do not apply to the best electronic cigarette however because the cigarettes do not have any burning effect nor does produce smoke which enables people to use e cigarette in several places. The e cigarette industry is exploding right now hence quickly becoming one of the fastest growing products all over the globe. Study reveals that e cigarettes not only save lives but also can help with the financial crisis going on in the health industry as hospitals and clinics are not be overstretched with record numbers of new patients. Yet another tremendous benefit of e cigarettes is that it can result in weight loss.

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