Promotes Fire Prevention Month for E Smokers

October is the Fire Prevention Month and e cigarette review website suggests smokers to adopt fire safe e cigarettes.

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Richmond, VA -- (SBWIRE) -- 10/09/2012 -- For smokers, electric cigarettes satisfy nicotine cravings. They can be used in nonsmoking areas. And they have less of the harmful chemicals that are in cigarette smoke. E cigarettes are the battery operated devices that do not produce any kind of smoke. As in an e cigarette the battery heats the e liquid present in the electric cig and the liquid is converted into vapors. When smokers don’t discard a cigarette properly, loose butts that are hot can ignite when they come in contact with a flammable surface but electric cigarettes do not pose any such danger.

As e cigs can be smoked in almost all the public places. The smoke detector installed at various places does not detect the vapor emitted by the e cigarettes as vapor vanishes faster than smoke. Traditional cigarettes contain tobacco and they have to be burnt with a lighter to smoke. This involves fire in the cigarette lightning process that could turn out to be dangerous sometimes as the fire could burn clothes of the smokers. October marks Fire Prevention Month and electric cig brands are committed to help smokers by providing electric cigarettes that do not involve fire.

Electronic cigarettes still give smokers an enjoyable smoking experience, without the risk of flame and fire associated with the cigarette smoke. Electronic cigarettes also eliminate the need for matches or a lighter, further eliminating needless cigarette fires. A renowned e cig brand representative said “We want them to know that electronic cigarettes are a great way for smokers to enjoy their cigarettes while eliminating any risk of starting a fire.” Smoking is not good for the smoker’s health, and even for those around smokers but smoking puts the risk of fire too.

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