Provides Information About The Ultimate Kit by V2 Cigs considers The Ultimate Kit by V2 Cigs perfect to get the most out of an e cigarette experience. The ultimate kit is one of the most popular kits by V2 Cigs

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Columbus, OH -- (SBWIRE) -- 09/25/2012 -- As per, V2 Cigs is one of the most reputed brands of e cigarettes in the market nowadays. V2 Cigs is a brand which is well known for its high quality kits, e cigarette accessories and flavors. Electric cigarettes of the brand offer an incredibly long lasting flavor and high vapor volume. The Ultimate Kit by V2 Cigs has everything a smoker needs to have an extraordinary rich smoking experience. A fan of V2 Cigs exclaimed, “It’s the best electronic cigarette for me. Wow can't believe the experience that I got from V2. I love this innovation. WOW is all I can say. Thank u again V2 for saving my life and helping me to find a better alternative to tobacco smoke.”

The kit includes: 3 V2 batteries, 25 V2 Flavor Cartridges, a Wall Adapter, a New Smart Charger, a New 2amp Car Adapter, a New Portable Charging Case XL, a Power Cig, a New Metal Carry Case, a New Lanyard and a V2 User Manual. V2 batteries last for long to give the best vapor production.

As per, V2 Cigs cartridges contain built in atomizers, so there is no cleaning or maintenance required. The Kit offers the smokers to choose from a wide variety of appealing flavors. The popular flavors include: V2 Red(American Tobacco), Congress (Refined Tobacco), Sahara (Turkish Tobacco), Menthol (Refreshing Mint), Peppermint (Sweet Mint), Mint Tea, Coffee, Vanilla, Chocolate and Cherry.

The V2 Smart Charger charges ones e cig rapidly and also incorporates safety features to prevent overcharging. Smokers can charge V2 e cigarette in the car using new and more powerful 2 Amp Car Adapter. The adapter works with V2 Smart Charger allowing smokers to charge the e cigarette from any power outlet. Smokers can charge the V2 electronic cigarettes anywhere by using the New V2 Portable Charging Case. The V2 Portable Charging Case has space to carry one Standard V2 battery and two flavor cartridges. These are available in three colors Graphite, Stainless Steel and White.

As per an electronic cigarette review, V2 Cigs offers best advantages for smokers. The brand has been very successful in the world market with their unmatchable products and offers. V2 Cigs is best known for the quality of products they manufacture. As per, The Ultimate kit is available at a reasonable price of $179.95 which makes V2 Cigs one of the most cheap electronic cigarette providers in the market.

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