Reports That Electric Cigarettes Will Soon Conquer the Tobacco Market

Electric cigarettes are hitting the market at a fast pace. They are made with highest quality and designed with latest technology expresses

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Richmond, VA -- (SBWIRE) -- 10/01/2012 -- Electronic cigarettes have become very famous these days. Smokers prefer e cigs as they provide many benefits, like no tar, no ash, no carcinogenic and even smoke free environment. Industry experts say “people are little reluctant when they first use e cigs but with time, e cigs become their favorite thing.” E-cigarettes contain nicotine-infused liquid that is inhaled as a vapor and can be consumed in almost all the indoors .Some e cigarettes contain a red glowing tip to resemble the burning tip of a cigarette, and are available with various tobacco-like flavors such as menthol and fruity flavors. There are many reasons that e cigs have become very popular. E cigarettes are generally preferred by those smokers who have been continuously trying to leave tobacco cigarettes. Smokers find the feel and taste of electric cigarettes similar to that of traditional cigarettes.

For those who are looking for a better smoking experience, there are large numbers of brands available in the market like Green Smoke, V2 Cigs, and South Beach Smoke. A representative from a recognized e cig brand said “With both increased regulation by the Government and increased smoking habits of people, one needs to give smokers safer choices.” Experts reveal that the electronic cigarette market is estimated to be $100 million dollar industry and still the market has a great potential to grow. Electric cigarette market is continuously growing because these days it is even shown in the Hollywood movies that the movie hero is using electric cigarette instead of the tobacco cigarette.

Cigarettes are highly addictive in nature .Smokers find it difficult to stay away from them. The e cig brands offer no nicotine cigs that gives the exact feel and taste of cigarette but with almost no harm. As the brands are continuously trying to meet the regulations and the smoking habits of people, e cigarettes will soon replace tobacco products.

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