Reviews the Benefits of Smoke Revolution E Cig discusses about the advantages of electric cigarette of the brand Smoke Revolution. E cigarettes offers smoking with almost no harm say industry experts.

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Richmond, VA -- (SBWIRE) -- 09/20/2012 -- The experts from Smoke Revolution claim that the e cigarettes do not contain any tobacco as the brand cares about the environment and believes in Go Green! Go Revolution. Electronic cigs do not require fire as they are battery operated device, so the smoker can enjoy the cigarette without actually lighting it with a lighter and minimizing the fire hazards. As e cigs are smokeless cigarettes they are free of smoke. Smoke Revolution allows its smokers to smoke almost everywhere as the e cigarettes have no smell and they do not even offence the non smokers. Electric cigs ensure fresh breath even after smoking.

Tobacco cigarettes burn tobacco and produce smoke whereas the Smoke Revolution e cigs uses liquid to turn it into vapors. With Smoke revolution, one does not have to worry about harmful toxins and ashes being released. E cig do not even stain teeth or nails. Cost involved with e cigs is just $8 per pack and if one smokes a pack per day the cost will be $2880 per year which compared to the cost of smoking traditional cigarettes is less. A smoker said “The people around me do not realize that I am smoking and I can easily enjoy the rich taste of Smoke Revolution e cigs”.

E liquid of e cigarettes are available in various flavors. The flavor adds to the benefits that electric cigarette provides say experts. The flavors offered by Smoke Revolution are Banana Paradise, Cappuccino, Cherry Addiction, Cinnamon, Classic Tobacco, Great Grape, Mango Madness, Menthol Crush, Raging Bull, Red Cola, Sinful Chocolate, Strawberry Temptation, Summer Watermelon, Sweet Apple, Tahitian Pineapple, Tobacco Blend, and Very Vanilla. “The flavors offered by the brand are exceptionally good and are value for money” said a smoker who enjoys her morning coffee with Sinful Chocolate.

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