Reviews the Promising Feature of an E Cig

Electronic cigarette industry has reached heights within a short span of time. Various brands present in the market offer unmatchable quality e cigs for smokers.

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Richmond, VA -- (SBWIRE) -- 10/16/2012 -- Electronic cigarettes have been a notable invention in the industry. The number of people buying electric cigarettes today have significantly increased while brands also do their best in producing top quality product options and made them available across the world. Electric cigarettes give the pleasure that is expected from smoking by mimicking the natural tobacco. An electronic cigarette user said “I found electric cigarettes very satisfactory. They are actually the great option for smokers.”

Vapor Cigarettes sets smoking to a new dimension. Electric cigarette is one of the most life-changing experiences that can happen to a tobacco cigarette smoke. E-smoking products guarantee better, cheaper and more convenient alternative to their tobacco counterparts. The electric cigarettes are designed to match the look and feel of traditional cigarettes. Various e cig brands offer e cigarettes in different colors and design. To satisfy the needs of even women smoker, some of the brands like V2 Cigs have exclusive sister brand as Vapor Couture. Vapor Couture electric cigs are stylish and trendy to satisfy every women’s need. The brands have put in best of their efforts to make e cigarette beautiful and that gives an edge to e cigs over natural cigarettes

E cigs are available in large variety of flavors like chocolate, vanilla, menthol and with different nicotine strengths (low, mild, high). One can choose the amount of nicotine with each new cigarette. The vapors from the cigarette won’t produce ash, burn anything and even stain smoker’s teeth. Electronic cigarettes have disposable options too. Disposable electronic cigarette is equivalent to almost two packs of e cigarettes which means that a smoker can smoke around 300-400 puffs from one disposable e cig. A user can throw away the cigarette when the flavor finishes.

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