Suggests Disposable Electronic Cigarette of the Brand Green Smoke says that if a smoker wants to switch to electric cigs then disposable electronic cigarettes are a great option to try. The switch gets easier because they are available at nominal price.

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Richmond, VA -- (SBWIRE) -- 10/01/2012 -- Disposable electronic cigarettes by the brand Green Smoke are the easiest way to enjoy smoke. A pack of 6 disposable electronic cigarettes is available for $ 59.99 which means a disposable e cigarette can be afforded for less than $10. Each disposable cigarette is compared to 1.5 packs of e cigarette. The electric cigs can be customized to various nicotine strengths. The nicotine strength available in e cigs is 1.8% that is the highest level of nicotine offered by the brand. Industry experts say “It would be nice if the disposables had a couple of more options, but Green Smoke is one of the best e cig brands.”

The e cigarettes come fully charged so the cigarettes do not require any recharging and can be used anytime and anywhere. Disposable electric cigarettes offer the same rich flavor as that of the other Green Smoke e cigs. Two different flavors available in disposables e cigs are Menthol Ice and Absolute Tobacco. As the disposable electronic cigarettes have become very popular, their flavor Absolute Tobacco is out of stock and only menthol ice is available.

Disposable e cig could also work as a great gift option for loved ones .The gift can be used by a wife who wants her husband to smoke in a better way .An e cig user said “One fine day, I was checking various e cig brands, and then I found Green Smoke on the website and ordered a disposable kit. Since then, I have been using Green Smoke e cigs. Initially, I was amazed at the amount of vapor I exhaled and found it was so much more like a real cigarette.

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