Suggests Smokers the Brand Ambassador Accessory Pack of White Cloud to Decorate E Cigs

White Cloud provides smokers with different range of products to choose from. The Brand Ambassador Accessory Pack adds an extraordinary touch to the e cigs expresses

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Richmond, VA -- (SBWIRE) -- 10/05/2012 -- The brand ambassador pack by the e cigarette brand White Cloud is used to decorate electric cigs and add a personalized touch to electric cigs. The accessory pack will make starter kit look amazing. The pack includes vapor jackets, cartridge jackets and a universal clamshell case. Vapor jackets are easy to apply and easy to remove and adds a designer touch to the e cigs. Varieties of packs are available with the brand. The packs have their unique names as Dan’s Fine Woods, The Chuck Bock, Intrigue, Ken’s Mystiks, Midnight Clyde, and Pretty Little Pinks.

The accessory kits have been designed in a unique way to match the taste of different smokers. White Cloud is reviewed as one of the best e cig bands by the experts. The Red Head Writer as the name suggests is for the readers and writers. Dan’s Fine Woods is the perfect piece of flare for the golfer or sports enthusiast smokers and for the smoking barrels, Chuckbock is available. Midnight Clyde is for the night owl smokers. The range is priced at a nominal price of $19.95. The kits have dazzling colors like Red, Brown, Pink, Blue, and Grey. “Pink is for the pretty ladies and Grey will suit the gentleman” say experts.

The accessory kit doesn’t include the battery, cartridges and charger. They have to be separately purchased as the starter kit. The accessory kit adds a style to the regular e cigs. An e cig user said "I have told many people about the product and have had 7 people start to use the product. I think it's great to be off cigarettes and use e cigs.”The brand even has tailgate accessory for the football season. The Brand Ambassador Accessory kit is also available in a bright yellow color.

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