Suggests the Smokers to Go for Vaping Rather Smoking With Vapor Cigarettes explains that vaping is a healthier substitute to normal tobacco cigarettes. With electronic cigarettes, smokers can fulfill their desire for nicotine in harmless manner.

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Dallas, TX -- (SBWIRE) -- 09/14/2012 -- Electronic cigarettes are considered a better substitute to normal tobacco cigarettes. The website reviews all about electronic cigarettes. Different manufacturers have their own brand of electronic cigarettes. According to the website “V2 Cigs” is the best e cig brand. Other famous e cig brands are South Beach Smoke, Blu Cigs, Green Smoke and more. has details about all these brands.

Experts of the website explained the comparison between a normal cigarette and a vapor cigarette. In a normal tobacco cigarette a smoker need to light the cigarette. Also while smoking the person has to throw away the ashes and after the cigarette is finished the filter has to be thrown. Smoke produced by smoking a regular cigarette not only harms a smoker but the person nearby too. This leads to pollution of the environment and surroundings. And it is not eco friendly. Experts say that in electric cigarettes a smoker does not have to light the cigarette. E cig works on battery. Also no ash is produced and there are no left out filters. So surroundings do not get polluted. Moreover electric cigarettes do not produce any smoke. As per the e cig reviews of the website the reason for this is that e cig do not contain tobacco. E cigs only have nicotine in liquid form.

The liquid nicotine warms and comes out in the form of vapors when a smoker inhales and exhales. Therefore e cig is also called vapor cigarette. Thus electric cigarettes do not produce any second hand smoke. Therefore a smoker can smoke e cigs anywhere including indoors and no smoking areas. Reviews of the website explain that e cigs do not produce any ash or smoke and does not have tobacco in it. This minimizes the risk of various health problems. Some of them are very serious like cancer, which happens by the consumption of tobacco. Electric cigarettes do not have toxics and harmful carcinogens which cause these health issues. According to, a person who cannot quit smoking must go for “vapor cigarettes” as it reduces health risks to a great extend.

About is the site that provides the information about the top ten brands of electronic cigarettes. According to the experts many reviews will help the customers to select the exact electronic cigarette. is flexible site that moves according to the conditions, based on results of electronic cigarettes that are changeable. The site gives a superior mode to gratify their customers.

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