Talks About the Eco Friendly Nature of Electronic Cigarettes

As per, electronic cigarettes are not only a better alternative to tobacco smoking but help in preserving the environment too.

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Columbus, OH -- (SBWIRE) -- 09/26/2012 -- says one of the many reasons why e cigarettes are very popular is that e cigarettes do not produce smoke. That’s why e cigarettes are also known as smokeless cigarettes. E cigarettes are less risky to smokers and do not contribute in degrading the environment. As per an electronic cigarette review, e cigs have been making a lot of headlines and are being discussed about more than ever since more and more smokers are getting inclined towards the latest technology of e cigs. Experts have recommended e cigs over tobacco cigarettes as the e cigs reduce the harm to smokers, non-smokers and the environment.

From an environmental perspective, electronic cigarettes help smokers to get rid of the cigarette butts left after having a puff. One can see a lot of remains at roads, parking lots and various places. E cigarettes create no tar, ash, smoke or cigarette butts. Moreover, the requirement to ignite a flame in order to light a cigarette is automatically eliminated. As per experts, the absence of tar and other carcinogenic substances keep the teeth from turning yellow and the lungs from getting damaged. The tobacco cigarette contributes to air pollution with the smoke that is exhaled with every puff. Tobacco cigarettes consist of several ingredients that are carcinogenic and poisonous. When cigarette butts are disposed, they take at least twenty five years to decompose completely. The effects by the disposed tobacco cigarettes are a threat to the environment, says provides one of the best electronic cigarette reviews among others and gives information about all the e cig brands. Experts say that the e cigarettes are not a burden on the pocket of a smoker. An electric cigarette is almost similar to a pack a tobacco cigarette. An e smoker need not buy a pack of cigarette. Once bought, a user has to only change the e liquid in the cartridge. An electronic cigarette user exclaimed, “ I have been a smoker for years and since I switched to e cigs, I‘ve not only saved a lot of money I wasted before on pack after pack of smokes but now I just use a refillable c cigarettes. It has made my smoking affair damn convenient.”

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