Talks About the Useful Accessories of EverSmoke

EverSmoke is one of the leading brands of e cigarettes that attracts smokers with amazing accessories says

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Richmond, VA -- (SBWIRE) -- 09/22/2012 -- The brand Eversmoke provides the basic accessories to its smokers. The accessories are very important with an electric cigarette as they are very useful. Necessary set of accessories of an e cigarette are Battery, Personal Charging Case, Universal Carry Case, Chargers and Lanyard. A smoker said “Thanks to the accessories offered by the brand, as now I can carry my vapor cigarettes easily and I won’t even forget it anywhere.”

Battery can be a standard, high capacity, and mini battery. The standard battery is the most popular battery, available either in automatic or manual version. Manual battery will last for less time as compared to the automatic ones but gives more vapor than automatic. The rechargeable standard battery will stay for 250 puffs. Smokeless cigarette from the brand offers high capacity battery for heavy smokers which lasts at least 350 puffs and is also available in manual and automatic models to choose from. There is another option available with Eversmoke that is mini battery as its size resembles that of the traditional cigarette and battery lasts for 175 puffs. They are priced at $16.95 to $22.95.These batteries are available in white, gloss black and stainless steel.

Personal Charging Case allows smokers to charge the mini battery of electronic cigarette even without the charging points. The charging case easily fits into the packet and is available for $49.99.Universal carry case is another very important accessory. Being priced at $14.99, case holds all the necessary things like e cig, 2 refillable cartridges and a USB charger. Electronic cigarette reviews say “all these accessories ensure that smoker never run out of electric cigarette”. Lanyard helps smoker to carry e cigarette all the times. Lanyard allows smokers to smoke without losing e cigarette .The price of Lanyard is $9.99.To charge e cig anytime, brand offers car charger, wall charger, and USB charger. Wall charger and USB charger are available with all Eversmoke kits. Wall charger allows e cigarette to be connected to the power source of 120v wall outlet.USB charger can be used to connect e cigarette with computer or laptop when doing some work. Car charger connects electric cigarette to automobiles.

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