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The main activity of is to give reviews and offer ratings on smokeless cigarettes. From the beginning, the portal has been supporting this new method of smoking. It is committed to the development of the hobby among tobacco cigarette users. Here it tells all about electric cig to increase the awareness of new users on electronic smoking. The portal foresees the potential to replace tobacco cigarettes in smokeless cigarettes.

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Deerfield Beach, FL -- (SBWIRE) -- 12/04/2013 -- Electric cig is more popularly known as electronic cigarette. Some people call it personal vaporizer or smokeless cigarette. These are modern versions for smoking contraptions such as hookahs. The important difference is that modern variants do not use fire or ignition to burn tobacco and produce inhalable smoke. Instead, they use electric power sourced from a rechargeable battery. So, they are known as electronic or electric cigarettes. The battery power is used to heat a kind of liquid called e-liquid. A small-inbuilt heating element helps in heating. The liquid is stored in a replaceable cartridge. says that the working process of an electronic cigarette involves making vapor by heating the liquid. The vapor thus produced can be ‘smoked’ by a consumer.

Click Here To Know More About The Best Electronic Cigarette For Heavy Smokers. reveals that an electric cig is more advantageous than a regular tobacco cigarette. It is not only reusable, but also economical. It does not use burning to produce smoke. It uses a neat, contamination free energy source to produce vapors out of e-liquid. It generates vapors that are odorless unlike the acrid smoke of tobacco based paper cigarette. It is more eco-friendly because there are no butts or ash to dispose off. It can deliver nicotine to the user through vapors, if a regulated dose of nicotine is mixed in the e-liquid. The dose of nicotine can vary according to the specifications of the users. explains that due to unexpected raise in the demand for electronic cigarettes many companies have mushroomed to make and sell these products. Novitiates are confused with the wide array products. To help such new customers the portal is giving reviews and rankings on different electric cig brands. Its present rankings put South Beach Smoke on the top of the list, with EverSmoke and V2 Cigs in number two and three positions. Electronic cigarettes give an authentic smoking experience to consumers without loading them with unwanted combustion-produced byproducts. The vapors made by electronic cigarettes are odorless making these products more acceptable in social gatherings. These products can be good replacements to normal cigarettes.

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