Electric Cigarette and the Effect That Electronic Cigarette Health Risks Claims Has Had

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Austin, TX -- (SBWIRE) -- 02/10/2014 -- There have been many things that have been said about the Electric Cigarettes that are on the market whilst many of them have been positive and factual, the issue electronic cigarette health risks has been at the forefront. In fact it is these questions that have created the scenario where some cities are choosing to regulate the electric cigarette as a tobacco product and some are not. Most of those that are making this decision are blaming it on the evidence that has been given by the many studies on electronic cigarette health risks that are available. Yet the reality is that there has not yet been a federally mandated electric cigarette study that analyses their effects. Whilst there have been many short term studies on electronic cigarette effects especially in the EU, these have found no trace of any adverse effects of vaping.

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In fact it has been the result of such studies that has created a scenario that resulted in more people giving the electric cigarette the benefit of the doubt. This has seen many people choosing to vape the best e cig on the market and so far the results have been promising to say the least. Whilst there is no concrete proof that smokeless cigarettes can assist smokers that are fighting to be rid of the smokeless cigarette. Rather there is a growing number of ex-tobacco smokers that say their health is comparably better than it was now that they are vaping electronic cigarettes. These statements are what have caused smokers to choose instead to ignore these so called adverse Electronic Cigarette Health Risks and continue to vape.

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As such the electric cigarette has created a following and there are now more people that are willing to use the best vaping product that is on the market. The fact that vaping had not been responsible for a single fatality or casualty in the whole time that it has been on the market has had many people revisiting these electronic cigarette health risks claims.

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