Electric Cigarette Market Experiences an Increase in Smokeless Cigarette Popularity

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Dallas, TX -- (SBWIRE) -- 02/17/2014 -- Smokeless cigarette upon introduction were considered a revolutionary novel product by some and an evil strategy to lure in smokers for others. In time though the scenario has changed, no longer do people perceive electric cigarette to be a gateway to tobacco cigarette and today a large number of people consider it the best alternate to smoking tobacco cigarettes.

E cigarette reviews reflect how popular e cig are amongst people. Millions are using it, more smokers are trying it by the day and enthusiast of vapor cigarettes believe that these are the best alternate to smoking that has been brought in for public use so far. Smokeless cigarette reviews also are a glimpse at the future e cigarette industry and electronic cigarette brands have as the use and sale of smokeless cigarettes towers up.

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E cigarette have got a head turning look and these devices did turn a lot of eyes too as electronic cigarette clearly mimic tobacco cigarette and that again was a point which made people associate with it. In a way this is good as more smokers are trying electriccigarettes which is theoretically a better substitute to conventional cigarette but then again for critics this is a cause of concern as critics feel that electric cigarette might get minors inclined towards tobacco cigarette as well.

Experts at say,” There are theories about potential good too but since negative always attracts a lot more attention, the probable bad is being talked about more.” Vapor cigarette reviews indicate that people claim to have been benefitted by e cigarettes and deem it to be a lot safer. No smokeless cigarette brand is marketing or selling its product as a smoking cessation tool but people still think it may just be that. Among the top e cigarette brands are v2 cigs, green smoke, south beach smoke, and Blu cigs.

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