Electric Cigarette Popularity Gathers Momentum as Fast 7 Actor Vapes Best E Cigarette

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Austin, TX -- (SBWIRE) -- 02/17/2014 -- One of the top Hollywood actors was seen vaping an electric cigarette in what many have said is a sign of the growing popularity. Michelle Rodriguez has been seen using the best e cigarette that she could get during a shopping trip in Beverly Hills. This increases the number of famous actors that have chosen to vape electric cigarette products over tobacco cigarettes. The list of celebrities includes Johnny Depp, Kate Moss, and Leonardo Di Caprio that are now looking for the Best E Cigarette as a means of satisfying their smoking habit. Many have said that the increase of vaping in Hollywood is a sign that vapor cigarettes are gaining in popularity and that tobacco cigarettes are on the decline.

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Many critics have said that this is an indirect method of glamorizing smoking but patrons of the best e cigarette say that is not the case. The argument that they offer is that smokeless cigarettes being used by celebrities is a sign to show smokers that there is a more comfortable means of smoking. They argue that since these celebrities are personally using the best electronic cigarettes they can buy is a sign that they also want a better smoking alternative. The result is that the electric cigarette has been on the increase and this has been proved time and time again. In 2013 alone the vaping industry grew by 240%, and there were 2 billion tobacco cigarettes that were unlit at the expense of the Increasingly Popular Electric Cigarette according to many.

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All this comes in light of Kevin Spacey who was seen vaping an electronic cigarette on the Netflix hit series House Of Cards. It seems that the reality on the ground is that tobacco cigarette is on the decline and the vapor cigarette is on the increase.

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