Electric Cigarettes Reduce Morning Coughs Due to Smoking Says

Electric cigarettes are free of tobacco and nicotine levels can be adjusted in electric cigarettes. Experts of say nicotine addiction is the major challenge that smokers face and electric cigarettes help smokers to deal with the addiction.

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Richmond, VA -- (SBWIRE) -- 10/11/2012 -- Electronic cigarettes have become famous due to the benefits that they provide. Their popularity increased in the year 2000 when leading brands like Green Smoke, V2 Cigs came into the market. Now, these brands have almost conquered the market and their popularity is increasing. Experts expect the electric cigarette market to explode in 2013.

E cigarettes have been impressing people with its efficiency in helping them quit the tobacco smoke habit. Tobacco cigarettes contain nicotine and thousand other chemicals that are not good for smokers. Nicotine is also present in e cigarettes but their level can be adjusted in e cigarettes. Electric cigarettes help smokers to smell good. They are preferred by smokers for many reasons but some of them are like electric cigarettes don’t leave the users with that awful after-smoke smell. For another, it removes the need for the users to get up from their desk and leave whatever it is they are doing just so they can go out for a quick puff of smoke.

E cigs are free of tobacco and they do not affect lungs of smokers. They help smokers to stay away from morning coughs as early in the morning, lungs will be clear and tobacco did not get struck in the lungs say medical experts. E cigs also do contain nicotine in various amounts, depending on the cartridge of e cigarette. So if its nicotine is addictive in nature, tobacco effects can be neglected. An e cig user said “I was tired of smoking tobacco. When I started using e cigs, the morning coughing stopped within a few days and my lungs started to clear by the end of the first week and this gave me the hope to keep going. I am so glad I found e cigs.”

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