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Deerfield Beach, FL -- (SBWIRE) -- 02/13/2014 -- ElectricCigaretteOffers awards V2 Cigs the position of the best electronic cigarette and awards it 5 stars. The brand has been in the market for the last 7 years, and has been bettering its products in every aspect. Its products, in combo packs and starter kits, as well as individually, are available.

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The electronic cigarettes by V2 Cigs come with great flexibility, such that the smokers can get the opportunity to choose from any of the options in various respects, to suit their desires and requirements. These e- cigs have excellent battery life. The smokers get the option to choose either manual or automatic battery. Both refillable as well as disposable cartridges are available for customers. For smokers who want a hassle- free experience, disposable cartridges, pre-filled with e- liquids, are available for use and then to be disposed of, and be replaced by a new cartridge that can easily be screwed back on. For others, there are refillable cartridges which the user can fill with the e- liquids of his/ her choice. The e- liquids are also available at the site.

Both the cartridges as well as the e- liquids are available in a huge array of flavours. There are sampler packs, too, with 10 tasters, to help the new or first time smokers find the flavour of their choice. There are 7 varieties of standard packs. The starter packs, in which the components are arranged to meet the different needs of different smokers, are: Ultimate, Express, Traveler, Standard and Economy. VC Express and VC Essentials are its two couture kits.

It also offers a variety of nicotine strengths to the smokers. For those who are heavy tobacco cigarette smokers, the high levels of nicotine strengths are available, like 1.8%, to help them give up on their nasty addiction. Smokers can also choose to smoke no nicotine at all, by selecting 0% nicotine level.

ElectricCigaretteOffers also has e- cigs from other world class brands like South Beach Smoke, Eversmoke, Green Smoke and Blu Cigs.

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