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Deerfield Beach, FL -- (SBWIRE) -- 02/03/2014 -- In reality, there are more brands of the electronic cigarettes in the market than one can imagine. Along with it every other day either the manufactures are redesigning their brands or the companies are planning a launch of the new brand. All this has given the buyers and consumers' options to pick from the various brands. But still somewhere everything comes down to the highest rated brand available. Meet the highest rated brand of electronic cigarettes complete with details and information on the official website of ElectricCigaretteOffers.com.

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With new studies and researches on the e-cigs, a lot is being said about this device. While some questions are yet to meet with a satisfactory answer, there has been no denying of the fact that e-cigs are a better smoking option to tobacco cigarettes. Considering the increasing scale of adverse effects of tobacco smoking, governments of developing countries have regulated the sales of this device. Along with that several other countries like Austria, Czech Republic, Germany etc. have permitted the use of electronic cigarettes. The Danish medicines agency of Denmark has even classified electronic cigarettes containing nicotine as a medical product. While a lot of this still remains debatable due to the hazy picture of e-cigs, the signs have been mostly positive.

A statement was given saying that, “Smokeless improved electronic cigarettes are no less than a public health miracle. If at some point all the tobacco smokers in US were to switch from the ordinary cigarettes to e-cigs, then there would be gradual and eventually a reduction in the death toll and it may fall from 400,000 a year to 4,000. And moreover three months of additional tobacco smoking possess more risk to smoker’s health on average than a lifetime of using a low risk alternative.”

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