Electronic Cigarette Ban Under Consideration by Yakima City Council Reviews

Yakima city council may mull over putting a ban on electronic cigarette use in public areas closely following other cities which have a similar ban under consideration at the moment.

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Dallas, TX -- (SBWIRE) -- 12/02/2013 -- The city council of Yakima is considering putting a ban on electronic cigarette. The ban is intended to prohibit use of e cigarettes in public areas. City councils of many other cities across the country are planning to regulate e cigs as tobacco products whilst some of them are already observing a ban. There has been a lack of agreement between the health experts and users of e cigarette as witnessed by electronic cigarette reviews.

Proponents of the device advocate it by saying that the device may help cut down the number of deaths caused by smoking but there is concrete proof to support this statement other then the e cig reviews which talk highly in favor of e cigarettes. The growing popularity of electric cigarette has further given rise to concern amongst health experts and policy makers as they express concern regarding e cigarette usage by teens.

E cigarette brands are also being more vocal about the fact that e cig is only meant for adult smokers. But now with that the Yakima city council is also thinking of putting a restriction on where people who are above 18 can use electronic cigarettes. Maureen Adkison, Yakima city council woman says,” What I didn’t know ... is there is a secondary smoke problem. There are all kinds of things in this mist, and it goes into the air, if it’s a health risk, I will certainly vote no for it to be used in an airplane or restaurant.”

Experts at say,” It is for the authorities to decide that what they want to do, some chose to wait for FDA e cigarette regulations while in meantime some are coming up with their own. Whether there are any chemicals in the vapor of the smokeless cigarettes is still not known but there is still a constant mention to the probable bad, e cigarette reviews reflect the disapproval users are expressing regarding these restrictions. The city council is yet to decide on a date to consider the issue, so let us see how this matter unfolds.”

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