Electronic Cigarette Becoming Controversies Favorite Child Reviews

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Dallas, TX -- (SBWIRE) -- 12/17/2013 -- Electronic cigarette has been around for quite some time and in the span of a few years it has grown into a fully fledged industry which is estimated to turn into a multibillion dollar industry by the end of this year. In US there are an estimated 5 million users and the annual growth of the e cig niche is projected to reach 40%. Just short of a decade in the market but the market presence of electronic cigarette is unparalleled as witnessed by e cigarette reviews which are the guiding light for e cig users all over the map.

E cig have always been under the radar of authorities and health officials. The concern is regarding a number of issues which authorities say need attention. E cigarette review hint at the increasing efforts electronic cigarette brands are making in the race of offering the best electronic cigarette and with millions of user worldwide brand owners are compelled to stay on their feet’s and gear up for the competition. Experts at sat,” From being trendy new gadgets to a serious device with a good intent, the outlook of users toward e cigarette has changed in the last couple of years as we have observed that most of e cig users are ex smokers who think of e cigarette as the best alternate.”Despite of the growing popularity there is a section of people who are still not very much in favor of electronic cigarette and have been attempts for putting some regulations on the electronic cigarette industry.

The introduction of e cigarette in US market dates back to 2008 and in the initial years the FDA did classify e cigarette as drug delivery device but the same was ruled out by Federal District Court Judge, Richard. J. Leon in 2010. Furthermore there was a lot of destructive and constructive criticism that was thrown at smokeless cigarette. Today many city council are expected to have council meets to discuss the regulations regarding e cigs and many city council have already put certain limitations and regulations on vapor cigarette use and sale. Some people are not in favor of the flavoring while a few people have expressed concern over sale of e cigarette on retails stores. There are proponents who have shown great support towards the device, e cigarette reviews lay claim to the revolution e cigarette has brought in the smoking world.

Experts at say,” E cigarette have surely become the controversies favorite child, it is certainly talked about a lot but at times the information is coming from all the wrong sources, you will see a report saying e cigarette are safer than tobacco cigarette one day and the very next day the reports are thrashed and its vice verse. The only hope is that e cigarette brands continue to work towards progressive growth and also wait for FDA e cigarette regulations which might put an end to all the speculations.”

For now there is lack of research available on electric cigarette, it is hard to determine whether the probable good is true or the probable bad but seemingly many ex smokers are indeed going with the unknown which has support of users instead of going for tobacco cigarette, the number one preventable cause of death. As another representative of a smoking alternative group says,” We are going with the better of the two evil, if at all e cigarette has any risk, the better one here is certainly electronic cigarette and we are going to hold up for it.”

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