Electronic Cigarette Befriends to Put a Halt on Morning Cough States

Electronic cigarettes have gripped the attention and curiosity of public consumers ever since the launch in market says

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Dallas, TX -- (SBWIRE) -- 10/03/2012 -- explains that some people expected that popularity of electronic cigarettes will diminish over time, but to the surprise of everyone the demand is just growing dramatically. The e cigs have been impressing people with the efficiency in helping people to minimize the nasty tobacco smoke habit. Electric cigarettes do not leave the users with an awful after smoke smell. Also it removes the need for the users to get up from the desk and leave whatever it is just go out for a quick puff of smoke.

One of the smokers said, “The morning coughing stopped within a few days and my lungs started to clear by the end of the first week and this gave me the hope to keep going. I am so glad I found electronic cigarette.” Studies such as the one conducted by the Boston University of Public Health have found that the vapor cigarettes have indeed been very helpful in encouraging people to get rid from craving for tobacco cigarette. E cigs also do contain nicotine in various amounts, depending on the cartridge one purchases. As a result the nicotine smokers can’t get away from the desired nicotine fix. As most offices and public space do not allow smoking, many smokers have been deterred from lighting up. Those using smokeless cigarettes however have been largely unhindered. As the vapor coming from the best electronic cigarette, does not emit harmful toxins like those present in tobacco cigarettes.

“You just hit it whenever you get the urge at certain times of the day; it’s totally different from a regular cigarette, because you don’t have to finish the whole thing. You take a couple of puffs, put it down and do whatever you were doing”, says one of the smokers in the regard. According to electronic cigarette reviews, this device is proven to be an effective instrument for smokers to quit smoking while not undergoing painful psychological detachment on the transition period. Electric cigarettes are viable means for smokers to experience the same level of pleasure while not putting one’s health at great risk.

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