Electronic Cigarette Blowing Up and Taking over Market Reviews

By the upcoming years, the electronic cigarette business is expected to top the market taking over the business of conventional cigarette almost completely.

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Los Angeles, CA -- (SBWIRE) -- 12/16/2013 -- Electronic cigarette, with an estimated 5 million e cigarette users in the US is projected an annual growth rate of 40% in the coming future. E cigarette reviews suggests that it is officially breaking the sales of tobacco market and just over a decade, these devices have gone from novelty speech pieces, to getting their path in the hands of millions of users worldwide. This, as a result has led not only the best electronic cigarette brands but also relatively new e cigarette companies to set up vape shops in almost all parts of the world, the most recent being Longview.

Aaron Wenner, a native of Longview opens a vape shop in Longview, observing the exploding popularity of best electronic cigarettes in the market. Wenner believes that e cigarettes can take off in Longview and said that the purpose of opening the e cig shop is to show the potential customers what all is available to its users, including e liquid and accessories etc.

Health experts on the other hand warn about the long term health consequences, but analysts said they expect consumption of e cigarettes to surpass traditional cigarettes in the next decade. Looking at the growth of electronic cigarette revolution, the e cigarette industry is going to get stronger, something e cigarette reviews lay claim to. Experts predict that the number of electronic cigarette users is going to quadruple by 2014 and therefore electric cigarette retail shops may experience big gains by that time.

It cannot be denied that the electronic cigarettes, especially the best e cigarettes have been hailed as being many times better than conventional cigarettes, although many doctors and health officials debate that. As these devices have undoubtedly gained popularity and electronic cigarette reviews clearly reflect its use most among Hollywood stars’, experts at says “It’s no secret that the electronic cigarette industry is expanding and a number of people have switched towards these devices. We are just expecting a productive future and believe that further research would help everyone to reach a conclusion on this topic”.

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