Electronic Cigarette Brands and E Liquid: One Hand Washing the Other

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Austin, TX -- (SBWIRE) -- 02/11/2014 -- The role that the e liquid plays in the popularity and the growth of the best electronic cigarette brands is more of a mutually beneficial arrangement. This is because there is need for the makers of the best electronic cigarette brands to realise that they need to make sure that their whole product range is up to scratch. As such there is a need for more people to realise that most of the questions that are being raised about vaping are directly linked with electric cigarette liquid as this is the main source. Many of the critics of vaping are of the mind that e liquid is as health averse as tobacco smoking. The reality is that the tobacco cigarette has over 6000 elements in it whilst the Best E Liquid that is on the market averages at only 10.

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As a result that is why The Top Electronic Cigarette Brands insist that vaping will give the smoker greater control rather than limited control as in the case of tobacco products. By offering the smoker levels of nicotine that they can control as well as many different authentic tasting flavors it has resulted in a higher quality the e cigarette liquid being offered to smokers. This means that leading e cig brands are handing over control to the customer over the only part of the e liquid that the critics are having a problem with; the nicotine. Many smokers that have been using vapor cigarettes are going online and claiming that their health has greatly improved since their tobacco smoking days and that they are now having a better and more energetic lifestyle. But the hidden card that the top e cigarette brands know and likewise the critics of vaping also know is that there have been zero deaths that have been attributed to vapor cigarettes since their introduction globally.

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