Electronic Cigarette Brands Cashing in on High Quality Smokeless Cigarettes

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Austin, TX -- (SBWIRE) -- 02/19/2014 -- The success of smokeless cigarettes has meant that the electronic cigarette brands have been very successful in terms of sales and customers. With sales of vapor cigarettes seemingly to be on an unstoppable rise many analysts have said that it is inevitable that vaping will be the Best Electronic Cigarette Brands new smoking. The reality is that for the past 10 years that electronic cigarettes have been on the market, they have been registering average annual sales of 100% growth.

Yet the year 2013 was the best smokeless cigarettes had ever experienced with current figures saying that sales were at 240%. And the growth of the e cigarette has been at the decline of tobacco with 2 billion less tobacco cigarettes smoked in 2013 than in 2012. This has led many to believe that tobacco smoking is on a slow decline and electronic cigarette brands are experiencing great sales and popularity.

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The reason for all the success that the smokeless cigarette has been having can be narrowed down to product quality. There are has been a steady increase in the quality of vapor cigarettes with e liquid evolving in nature from the initial efforts to an almost exact replica of the flavor they are trying to duplicate. Also the lack of any fatalities and casualties that can be directly related to smokeless cigarettes has been one of the reasons that vaping has been such a success. Many believe that the rate of innovation that the has been electric cigarettes have been known for and this is likely to continue

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The race by manufacturer to be top of the Best Smokeless Cigarette Brands has meant that there is even more demand and pressure to create the best quality smoking option. And the impressive sales figures and growth figure has been immensely vital for the growth of smokeless cigarettes.

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