Electronic Cigarette Companies Have Finally Been Exposed at ECigaretteExposed.Com

It's just been reported that some of the top E Cigarette Brands may not be all cracked out to be what the public expects from the large makers of the new nicotine products.

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Houston, TX -- (SBWIRE) -- 02/03/2012 -- EcigaretteExposed aims to educate consumers before making a commitment to purchase any brand of Electronic Cigarette.

The large amount of concerns surrounding whether or not the FDA can properly regulate the products has led the E Cigarette Reviews site to taking a prioritized focus this situation using a full "head on" approach to really educate the consumer about the good, the bad and the ugly of using such nicotine products. Electronic Cigarettes have become an explosion of popularity over the past few years which have led to a rise in the amount distribution channels of inferior product in the hopes of generating income from the public as the popularity of the new cigarettes can be seen.

When visiting the site, e cigarette seekers will find a powerhouse of information with the incorporated lists featuring ten different brand companies with all the information needed to inform consumers of the ever popular e cigarettes taking the world by storm. E Cigarette Exposed displays everything such as the Best Electronic Cigarette to the Worst Electronic Cigarette. The Reviews are a very extensive collaboration and an array of news publications are also available for people to reference and learn about the electronic cigarette bans in Boston or the UK's promotion of exclusively promoting the use of these new inventions.

E Cigarettes exposed has a very useful star rating system making determination of safe and effective vs. not effective products that is easy to use and seen upon first entry to the website. When people take the time to visit, the experience is aimed towards offering the public an inside out knowledge of everything the Best Electronic Cigarette companies have to offer, including the new Secrets Exposed!

About has been a leader in effectively educating the public about safe smoking habits surrounding the e cigarette product in particular. To date the company has been responsible for a number of product exposures in the quest to encourage people safe purchase only after carefully researching safety and effectiveness of each product available to market.

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