Electronic Cigarette Inc. Introduces Smoke Pass to Enjoy Extra Puffing Reports

Smoke Pass Version 2 by Electronic Cigarette Inc. has been introduced to satiate a smoker who likes to puff more with an e cigarette announces

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Springfield, IL -- (SBWIRE) -- 07/06/2012 -- A smoker always wants to enjoy more puffs from an e cigarette. For the same desire, Electronic Cigarettes Inc. has come up with an innovation in electronic cigarettes to curb an e smoker’s needs. The Smoke Pass is just the right product for an e smoker who wants more puffs from an e cig.

Smoke Pass version 2 of Electronic Cigarette Inc. is a product to try. proclaims that the Smoke Pass electronic cigarette is the best smokeless cigarettes in the market. The Smoke Pass Version 2 means more puffs per unit and each e cig is equal to 2 packs of conventional cigarettes. An e smoker commented, “Truly amazing product this smoke pass is. It satisfies your needs with very little puffs. It is one of those e cigarette which never dim”. Electronic Cigarette Inc. has come up with the product keeping in mind the numerous needs of an e smoker.

There is another offer attached with Smoke Pass version 2. The offer is a discount on the e cigarette pack. Originally priced at $40, and now one can buy the Smoke Pass e cigarettes pack at a reduced price of $24.95. The kit includes two units of Smoke Pass electronic cigarettes. The offer is very useful for those who want to save money on e cigarettes as the reduced price is a great catch. Plus because of the prime feature Smoke Pass e cigarette has, an e smoker is able to puff a lot with just one e cigarette that satiates the need. The formula works well as then the person does not have the urge to smoke another e cigarette any sooner.

“I have been using a Smoke Pass electronic cigarette for a while now and have no desire to smoke other cigarettes again. This was not what I planned, it just happened. The electronic cigarette review helped me a lot to choose the best e cigarette”, commented an e smoker.

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