Electronic Cigarette Liquid in the Midst of an Unacquainted Crusade

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Dallas, TX -- (SBWIRE) -- 01/16/2014 -- E liquid or Electronic cigarette liquid as it is more commonly known by proponents of e Cigarette is the fuel to it and it is what gives a vapor cigarette the desired flavor and nicotine strength. The success of electric cigarettes is contributed to by the range of accessories, e liquid flavors, various design and pattern that are available with different e cigarette products, all of these factors are important. The novelty of these products is often looked over by a section of people who are just focusing on the theories as presented by independent reports, ignoring the fact that a few of those reports also concluded in favour of Smokeless Cigarettes.

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The concern of authorities is rational and as there have been incidences in the past when some banned solutions were observed being sold by in the name of E Cigarette Liquid, the concern is genuine. Another concern is regarding the ingredients that go in the making of E Cigarette Liquid, the two diluents, Vegetable Glycerin and Propylene Glycol, both of which are separately approved by FDA but the whole composition of e liquid is yet to get a nod from FDA.

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The crusade however is still a little disoriented and misguided since the basis on which the Electronic Cigarette Liquid and other electric cigarette related product are being put on a trial for are still not very clear.

The battle is being fought but it is rather unclear who is fighting it, the federal law doesn’t govern smokeless cigarettes and there is a huge fan following these digital vapor emitting device have, there is no scientific proof till date which can completely discard Electronic Cigarette for being harmful, although vapor cigs can not exactly be called safe either but theoretically e cig liquid has less toxins than a normal cigarette smoke.

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