Electronic Cigarette Market Witnesses Wax and Wane Reports

The mixed reviews and reactions of people across the world on electronic cigarettes, about its best and worst effects are affecting the market diversely.

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Dallas, TX -- (SBWIRE) -- 05/29/2013 -- On one hand electronic cigarette is booming at many places across the world while on the other this electronic device is getting banned at public places, schools and various other places.

The e cigarette market is booming in Australia. If the biggest distributors in Australia are to be believed, they are glancing over a million dollars every year on this booming products. While the other part of picture depicts that electronic cigarette has been banned in the public places like France.

One of the sales managers of best electronic cigarette brand in Australia revealed that the business of vapor cigarette is growing exponentially. They are selling tens of thousands of units every year. “People are conscious about cutting down the level of nicotine while fulfilling their craving for tobacco”, added the manager.

People belonging to different countries are concerned about the usage of smokeless cigarette in public places and selling of these to minors. In a health report accredited by the French Government, it was mentioned that e cigs should not be banned rather the product and its distribution should be subject to same restriction as tobacco products.

The selling of vapor cigarette to the children below 18 years of age is prohibited. Electronic cigarette is considered as potential gateway to tobacco smoking for teenagers.

Experts from believe that the best electronic cigarette brands are experiencing boom in its sales as well as doom in terms of bans. The two far extents of market are going simultaneously at different places.

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