Electronic Cigarette Put on Trial in a Kangaroo Court

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Dallas, TX -- (SBWIRE) -- 01/15/2014 -- The FDA has not yet come out with its regulations on Electronic Cigarette yet but that has not stopped people from making judgments and giving verdicts on the battery run device. The FDA regulations which might be the game changer will be released soon but many cities are putting restriction on electronic cigarette, while the regulations regarding ban on sale or use by minors has received support from all, there are other regulations which have not been received with open arms by the label owners and users.

Many users are said to be in disagreement with the regulations regarding buying electronic cigarette online and ban on e liquid flavors. These proposed regulations were not as well accepted by users of the device as Smokeless Cigarette got a host of users coming out at front to support it.

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There is a concern amongst authority over the increase in use of Electric Cigarette amongst people, while the concern is more about the use by minors.

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The restriction are also going to affect adult e cigarette smokers who have switched to the smokeless version to get the best out of the experience and eliminate a lot many risks as associated with tobacco burning and tobacco smoke.

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