Tech-Cigarette Unveils the Miraculous Features of an E Cigarette

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Dallas, TX -- (SBWIRE) -- 04/22/2013 -- One of the most popular electronic cigarette review 2013 website has unveiled the miraculous features of an e cigarette in great details through the means of its enriching post. While e cigs have not yet been able to captivate the likes of smoking enthusiasts from all across the globe, owing to the simple reason that they are relatively new entrants in this highly competitive and dominated tobacco cigarette industry, the fact remains that in the coming years, it would be e cigarettes that shall be ruling the smoking niche and not tobacco cigarettes.

As per tech-cigarette spokesperson, β€œAn e cig is a smokeless device that emits water vapor and not the highly offensive second hand smoke that is always linked to the traditional cigarettes. It is also considered to be safer when compared to smoking real cigarettes. In fact, even innocent passive smokers seem to prefer making use of these devices, as they do not emit the harmful smoke when used. This is what makes these smokeless devices preferred in the smoking niche. Besides the lack of second hand smoke, e cigarettes are also free from carcinogens and the thousands of highly toxic chemicals that are always present in real cigarettes.”

When tech-cigarette team interviewed Ramesh Yadav, a regular smoker, he said, β€œI am really thrilled to be smoking e cigs as they are safe, more convenient to use, free from harmful chemicals and definitely ca way cheaper smoking alternative.”

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