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Dallas, TX -- (SBWIRE) -- 02/07/2014 -- Vapor Cigarette are not regulated by federal laws but there are rules which vary from region to region but no policy or regulations ban, the sale and use of vapor cigarettes entirely. There are laws, which prohibit minors to buy smokeless cigarette and also condemns the sale of vapor cigarette to minors, which is something that has been received in good manner by all smokeless cigarette users as projected through Electronic Cigarette Reviews. Smokeless cigarette was introduced in the Chinese market in the year 2004 and in UK; and US it was introduced in the year 2007 and electronic cigarette reviews show that through the last couple of years, the popularity of vapor cigarettes has seen an incredible high.

A lot is speculated about Smokeless Cigarettes, effects of e cigarette and the impact it has on smokers. There is a large section of people who are in support of electronic cigarettes, e cig reviews are a clear indication to how well vapor cigarettes are received by users but there is a section of people who are no fans of vapor cigarettes or e cigs, as mostly put them.

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Health authorities put forward the point that there is not enough research available to allow use of e cigarettes openly but users say that too much emphasis is being laid on the probable, unproven bad and nobody is really thinking about the good these devices have already done. E Cigarette Reviews Give an Insight into the Electronic Cigarette Industry which clearly shows that there is a wide reception towards vapor cigarette and more users are keen to more about vapor cigarette use and related products.

One cannot simply ignore With FDA e cigarette regulations likely to come in November, the industry, health authorities and the patents of this device may all be in for a surprise. The decision regarding the regulations and the draft of regulations once released will be enough to project what the future holds for the e cigarette industry.

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