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Austin, TX -- (SBWIRE) -- 01/03/2014 -- Many electronic cigarette reviews were quick to point out that one of the final acts of outgoing mayor of New York City, Michael Bloomberg was to sign into law 22 bills. Among these was the act of expanding New York’s ban on all public indoor smoking to include electronic cigarette, thus making them to be as liable as regular cigarettes and to be ruled in the same manner. It is reported that the outgoing mayor made the seal of approval on Tuesday to an initiative that is seen as expanding the city’s Smoke Free Air Act, thus making it from now on the use of the best e cigarette that are available will be banned in offices, bars, restaurants and even in city parks.

Yet Professor Amy L. Fairchild from Columbia University was quoted in many electronic cigarette reviews saying that smoking is “one of the most important public health problems” in the US today. However a commentator from the Business Insider, Dylan Love counters believes that that electric cigarette supporter groups would “sure to hate this [new law] because the ‘smoke’ coming out of an electronic cigarette is actually nothing more than water vapor.” Yet they are being regulated in the same manner as regular cigarettes even though there are those that insist that what they deem to be the best electronic cigarette have helped them in having a better lifestyle.

She went on to say that with smokeless cigarettes “smokers turn to them to get their nicotine fix in bars and restaurants and funeral homes and operas and anywhere else that smoking is banned.” Several electronic cigarette reviews went on to agree with her that since the devices “will be legally identified” as equal to cigarettes, vapers smokers will no longer enjoy them.

While supporters believe that that at best e cigarettes are harmless and effective, yet comfortable replacements for tobacco cigarettes, recently group of state attorneys general petitioned the US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) in September, calling upon the agency to begin regulating them. Yet many electronic cigarette reviews always state that vapor cigarette products have not been proved in the real world scenario to cause any health issues.

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