Electronic Cigarette Reviews Show That Vaping Actually Debunks Claimed Electronic Cigarette Health Risks

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Austin, TX -- (SBWIRE) -- 02/19/2014 -- Recently in electronic cigarette reviews it has been revealed that vaping poses a far less danger as being regularly declared by electronic cigarette health risks claims. The search for better and seemingly safer smoking alternative has meant that there has been a greater dependence on electronic cigarette reviews for the solution. Many insurance and fire analysts have declared that vapor cigarettes pose a far lesser electronic cigarette health risks threat than tobacco. This is based on the fact there a growing number of residential fires that are caused by tobacco cigarettes whilst electric cigarettes do not have that risk because of their nature. Because even the Best Vapor Cigarettes do not have any burning element, it means that it is almost a non-existent fire hazard than tobacco is.

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Household fires that are caused by smokers due to glowing butts and smokers dozing off have been on the increase, yet electronic cigarette reviews have other ideas. They believe because smokeless cigarettes do not have the need to be lit and that they are recyclable in nature, this eliminates this risk altogether. Many health analysts and fire experts believe that this belief has debunked many Electronic Cigarette Health Risks claims. It has been said by many that e cigarettes have meant that vapers are able to greatly lower the risks of house hold fires and death by asphyxiation. The reality is that the electronic cigarette health risks are yet to be fully and properly analyzed but many say that so far indications are promising for smoking.

As vapor cigarettes have been on the market for only a decade there has not been any long term studies into their effects. But many have said that the positive results from the short term e cigarette use studies have dealt electronic cigarette health risks a blow.

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