Electronic Cigarette Stuck in Maze of Unruly Twist and Turns Reviews

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Dallas, TX -- (SBWIRE) -- 12/18/2013 -- Electronic cigarette has been making a narrow escape from getting canned in the stockroom as authorities watch it with eagle eye. There have been a lot of incidences in the past where e cigarette was a prime topic of discussion amongst many authorities and health officials. The radar is still on and there is still a lot to know about e cigarette but meanwhile many cities and states are coming out with their very own e cig regulations. The regulations come before the must awaited FDA e cigarette regulations much to the dismay of e cigarette user who are not very content with the development that is being made on this front.

In the year 2014, it is being said that e cigarette is going to be top priority for states and cities but experts say that there is a clear thought process that the manufacturers and users of e cig have which is flexible to adhere to the reasonable regulations but electronic cigarette reviews suggest that a struggle may ensue if the regulations over reach. One such regulation which has seen clear disapproval is the regulations which puts e cigarette in the category of tobacco cigarette which is considered an irrational preposition as proponents and expert of the e cigarette industry feel that the move will dissuade smokers from switching to a better product.

City and state are coming out with rules virtually every day and there is not a consensus amongst the user and the policy makers on the rules being formed. Many states are considering putting taxes on vapor cigarettes, Minnesota; however is the only state which does so as of now. The state regulations come but there is still no guidance on that from the federal government as the FDA is yet to come out with the regulations. Makers of e cigarette argue that there is a disorder as without a federal outline, the regulations may lead to consequences which are not premeditated. CEO of NJOY, a leading e cig brand, says,” If you make it just as inconvenient and expensive to smoke an electronic cigarette as a Marlboro, people are going to keep smoking Marlboros. Is that really the unintended consequence they want, to keep them smoking? Because that is what they are doing and we know the consequence of that is people are going to die a painful and early death.”

Experts at say,” there can be talk, there is no gearing up for a real battle but yes there is a disapproval and users and manufactures are not very happy, as electronic cigarette brands owners are keen to apprehend to every rule that policy makers frame but how can one deal with so many different rules in different cities for one single product, without federal intervention there is going to myth and bubble that surround e cigarette.” Tobacco cigarettes are known to cause deaths, millions by the year while e cigarette is comparatively less harmful and theoretically has far less toxins than its wicked so called next of kin. A push back is expected and glimpse of it can be seen through e cigarette reviews as users of the device continue to express opposition to the regulations. Many ex smokers who have switched to e cigarette claim that e cigarette helped them deal with their smoking problem, this however is no proven fact but it can’t be ignored completely either.

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