Electronic Cigarette vs Regular Cigarette Cost Comparision 2014 Discussed by lists electronic cigarette vs regular cigarette cost for the year 2014.

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Dallas, TX -- (SBWIRE) -- 01/14/2014 -- Electronic cigarette vs regular cigarette cost comparison 2014 is vital for allowing smoking enthusiasts to gain knowledge about the costs that they would need to incur if they are opting for either e cigs or regular cigarettes. It is a well known fact that in the year 2014, more and more smoking enthusiasts are switching to electronic cigarettes after having quit on tobacco cigarettes for good. The reason behind this switch is being cited as the harmful chemical compounds present in tobacco cigarettes that cause severe chronic ailments in humans.

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According to spokesperson, “When comparing the cost of a vapor cigarette with the cost of a tobacco cigarette, it needs to be noted that an e cig is way cheaper. In simple terms, you may spend $6.00 on an average for a pack of regular cigarette, whereas you end up spending just $2.00 for an e cigarette cartridge. This in turn implies that you save 75% of your monthly smoking bills when you opt for vapor cigarettes.”

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