WhereTheresSmoke.net Announces the SmokeTip '$49.95 for Three E Cigars' Limited Time Offer

WhereTheresSmoke.net has confirmed the report that SmokeTip is offering three e cigars for $49.95.

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Dallas, TX -- (SBWIRE) -- 06/04/2012 -- E cigarette review website WhereTheresSmoke.net has clarified he report which stated that the SmokeTip brand of electronic cigarette was indeed offering its newly launched e cigar at a heavily discounted price. What is being seen as a promotional offer from the SmokeTip brand has risen the interest levels of smoking enthusiasts the world over. Without a shadow of a doubt, those smokers who love smoking cigars, would prefer the e-cigar to the traditional cigar.

An electronic cigarette is a device which is free from tobacco and smoke. It is therefore considered to be a suitable alternative to traditional cigarettes. Now with SmokeTip launching its very own E Cigar, the fact remains that smoking enthusiasts have now gotten more smoking opportunities. It has also been claimed by the company spokespersons that the SmokeTip e cigar has the ability to provide over 1000 puffs to e-smokers. Hence, it is equal to twelve regular cigars.

Most electric cigarette brands have stated that e cigars are undoubtedly the most effective means of satisfying the nicotine urges of those smokers who love to smoke traditional cigars and avoid cigarettes. The e cigars look and feels just like normal cigars but in reality, they are poles apart from the traditional cigars. For a starter, they are free from tobacco and smoke and they also happen to be cheaper than the traditional tobacco filled cigars.

SmokeTip e cig has always been known to manufacture electronic cigarettes of the highest quality. Their electronic cigars too are also perfect for those smokers who love smoking for days without the need for a recharge. While a single electric cigar from SmokeTip is for $19.95, a pack of three cigars is being priced at an affordable $49.95, which in turn is a great money saver for smoking enthusiasts the world over.

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