Tech-Cigarette Explains the "Go Green Revolution" Using Electronic Cigarettes has finally revealed the secret behind the “Go Green Revolution”, which has the electronic cigarette in its center spotlight.

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Dallas, TX -- (SBWIRE) -- 09/05/2012 --, a world renowned electronic cigarette review website, has finally thrown light on the glorious Go Green Revolution that has apparently swept the smoking fraternity by storm. Apparently, ever since the year 2007, the popularity of these smokeless devices has been increasing at warp speed, owing to which, they have started being preferred over the traditional cigarettes by a majority of smokers the world over. This is all owing to the increased awareness levels in smokers the world over with regards to the health concerns relating to tobacco cigars.

While e cigarettes were always preferred by those smokers who were new to this habit, nowadays the tide has changed and more and more chain smokers too have started to make a permanent switch over to puffing e cigarettes. This is simply owing to the fact that e cigarettes are free from tobacco as well as the several harsh chemicals that are usually found in regular cigarettes. The absence of these substances has prompted several smokers from all parts of the world to shun regular cigarettes and opt for e cigs instead.

The reason why Go Green Revolution got its name was simply because smokeless cigarettes do not emit the highly offensive second hand smoke, which is usually associated with tobacco filled cigarettes. Owing to this very reason, the dreaded carbon monoxide gases as well as several other toxic fumes which emit from regular cigarettes are saved from being released into the earth’s atmosphere. Electric cigarette reviews too have clearly stated that electronic cigarettes do not cause environmental pollution to the degree which traditional cigars are known to cause. All that emits when an e cig is puffed is water vapor, which in turn is harmless in nature.

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