Electronic Cigarettes Become the Best Available Alternative for Heavy Smokers in Recent Times Informed regularly updates its site to inform and matters for the better understanding of this device by the common public and smokers. The first time e-cigs users can surf through for details on various available brands along with starter kits.

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Deerfield Beach, FL -- (SBWIRE) -- 02/04/2014 -- Electronic cigarettes are now the most suggested options for the heavy smokers in all possible ways. A number of heavy smokers who have switched to the e-cigs have claimed that this device helps them in their smoking cessation. The chain smoker is 30 percent more exposed to the harmful effects of smoking compared to the normal smoker. While the e-cigs are the best available alternative for them, it also takes away the constant requirement of purchasing packs after packs of ordinary cigarettes as the device comes with rechargeable battery and refillable or disposable cartridges. believes that electronic cigarettes doesn't only take care of the smoking addiction of the heavy smokers, but also makes it easier with less fuss.

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The consequences and the adverse effects of smoking have lead several smokers to death and the other battling with incurable diseases like cancer. It is one of those strong addictions which are quite difficult to give up entirely. There is only a handful of smokers all across the globe who has successfully given up their smoking. The smoking substitutes available in the market like the nicotine patches and gums were less successful in helping the smokers. But now the electronic cigarettes have become the talk of town with a greater success rate than any other substitutes.

Electronic cigarettes were first launched in the Chinese market in the year 2004. A couple of years later, this device was brought into the world market and ever since that its sales and popularity is increasing every day. Invented by a Chinese pharmacist, the electronic cigarettes are a battery powered device that contains a liquid solution which on heating produces a vapor for inhalation. Unlike the smoke of the tobacco cigarette, the vapor of the e-cigs is ash free and odorless giving the user to smoke without worrying about any public embarrassments.

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