Electronic Cigarettes Best Approach to Review Smoking Habit Says Digitalsmoke.Org

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Dallas, TX -- (SBWIRE) -- 01/02/2014 -- Electronic cigarettes are used widely by people as a better alternate to smoking. What has worked well for these devices is the fact that more people are inclined towards switching to a better alternate and electronic cigarette certainly has all the right elements to be a superior substitute. Experts of electronic cigarette industry say that these digital cigarettes have proved over the last couple of years that they are here to stay. With e cigs registering such rampant growth it is likely that these devices will give a tough competition to tobacco cigarettes in times to come.

Market analyst and electronic cigarette reviews echoes the same as reviews by experts and user reflect that users of e cigarette are pretty much in compliance with the reputation of electric cigarettes being a comparatively less harmful way to get nicotine when put in comparison against tobacco cigarettes. The industry already crossed the 1.7 billion mark in 2013 and is now a multibillion dollar industry.

Millions have switched to e cigarette, a survey suggests that one out of every five person has tried electronic cigarette. With the increase in health concern courtesy anti smoking drive, a growing number of smokers are looking for better alternates. There are many smokers who admit to switching to e cigarette because of not being at ease with quitting. A study done by independent researchers concluded that e cigarette was more effective than nicotine patches, the former is not a smoking cessation aid but a constant comparison is made since many users of e cigarette review it in that manner.Electronic cigarette brands amid all the controversy are aiming at providing the best electronic cigarette to keep the user base satisfied say experts.

Smokeless cigarettes do not have a proven good or bad, although a lot of debate has ensued regarding it. Experts at say,” Not much can be said regarding the effect of electronic cigarette but the impact it has created and the growing number of people are opting for vapor cigarettes plus the reviews are pro it. We have come across so many proponents of the device who consider it the best and no proven facts are there but the fact that these devices are better and relatively less harmful than the conventional cigarettes cannot be denied which is possibly why there is a brisk increase in use and sale of electric cigarettes.”

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