Electronic Cigarettes Popularity Reaches Famous Television Shows States talks about the reviews provided by the famous TV channel, National Geographic in the favor of electronic cigarettes on the basic grounds of it being smokeless.

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Dallas, TX -- (SBWIRE) -- 09/25/2012 -- discusses about the reviews provided by the famous TV channel, National Geographic on electronic cigarettes. Experts say that whenever National Geographic channel takes interest in a subject it is considered of prime value. The subject becomes of utmost importance if viewed by the National Geographic channel. The channel says that smoke is assumed to be the most dangerous part of a cigarette therefore using the smokeless cigarettes is much wiser option for the smokers.

Experts say that a person can purchase the best electronic cigarette brand by reading the reviews and comments of the real e cig users. Reviews explain that an article was published in the month of April by the National Geographic channel that compared the e cigarettes to the electronic counterparts in reference to the health and environment as the main concerns. According to the a review, the article was altogether in favor of the e cigarettes and it even has a section regarding the popular e cigarette brands such as South Beach Smoke, V2 Cigs and more. As per the electronic cigarette review, the e cigs are touching the sky with continuous popularity and demand among the smokers since its origin. The channel depicts that one of the important reasons of the continuous growth of e cig industry is the environmental benefits over the tobacco cigarettes.

Experts say that e cigs do not contribute to the huge pollution that is created by the ashes and butts produced by smoking the tobacco cigarettes. The National Geographic channel explained that even after the decomposition of the ashes and the butts, the effects or the pollution caused due to it remains hanging around for a long time. Also the chemicals used in the manufacturing of the filters of the cigarettes become a threat to the animals and even get absorbed in the soil, water systems and water. Moreover the decomposition process of the cigarette butts is very slow and takes from around eighteen months to ten years to get fully decay. But an electronic cigarette does not contribute to any of the mentioned reasons for the pollution.

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