Electronic Cigarettes Popularity to Touch Sky Soon States reveals that the popularity of electronic cigarettes is sure to raise high in coming years. The electronic smoking device is sure to explode in future.

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Dallas, TX -- (SBWIRE) -- 10/09/2012 -- states that it is the appearance of celebrities that have made the switch to electronic cigarettes. From celebrities like Leo DiCaprio to Lindsay Lohan, all are inclining towards the product. Experts even say that it’s far easier to access the products, and the increased availability in convenience stores. Also the increase in manufacturers producing the devices, making improvements on the design and functionality leads to success of the product.

According to electronic cigarette reviews, the affiliate sales as well as the referral programs that entice users to share the new found products with friends and family play a great part in e cig popularity. The device provides everything that one is looking to stop smoking harmful tobacco cigarettes and switch to something with much less toxins and carcinogens. Also many smokers in areas such as New York or California have to abide by laws that ban smoking tobacco cigarettes in areas such as bars, restaurants, airports, and even the workplace. As these bans spread to other states and countries, smokers are looking to an alternative product that can satisfy the cravings without relying upon others via dangerous second hand smoke which is an electronic cigarette.

Experts from the industry say “Sales have skyrocketed up to $350 million, with very little effort; the industry is predicted to earn over $1 billion in just a few short years.” The best part is that the best electronic cigarette does not contain the same harmful ingredients that tobacco cigarettes do. This is as good as any reason for anyone to quit smoking. Experts say that over the years since electric cigarettes have been introduced, there are already several models of different smokeless cigarettes brand which have come out for the public use. Since one does not has to light the thing up, smokers won’t have to worry about bringing lighters also one won’t need to put this off so less the hassles.

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