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Deerfield Beach, FL -- (SBWIRE) -- 01/29/2014 -- With the invention of the electronic cigarettes, various aspects of this device also came into limelight. While the road to success was not easy for the e-cigs, it has not only achieved the impossible in the smoking arena, but is also proving to be a strong competitor of the regular tobacco cigarettes and products. People are now completely aware of this ash less and odor less smoking substitutes, but in spite of this there is some misconception regarding the pricing of this device.

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The invention of the electronic cigarettes created waves of relief among the potential smokers. And over the time e-cigs proved themselves better than the traditional cigarettes, giving the smokers the opportunity to smoke without worrying about the health risk or the society. The parents of small children, who were earlier smoking the tobacco cigarettes, have now switched to the electronic cigarettes owing to better prospect offered by the device. Likewise, many smokers are now opting to the e-cigs. In the already developed countries like the United States and United Kingdom, the sales of the electronic cigarettes have crossed million marks.

The $80 billion tobacco industry for the first time witnessed a strong competitor in the electronic cigarettes. While on one hand it is still recovering from the shock delivered by this battery powered, on the other hand the e-cigs are surfacing as the top choice for smokers.

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