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Deerfield Beach, FL -- (SBWIRE) -- 01/03/2014 -- Today there are very few things that are impossible for a man to do. All this and more is only because of technology. And as far as technology and smoking is concerned the dawn of the 21st century saw the invention of the electronic cigarettes. More commonly known as ‘E-cigs’ the device is tagged as the ultimate substitute of tobacco smoking.

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An advanced and high tech way of smoking, electronic cigarettes neither produce any smoke, odor or ash and it does not exposes its users to embarrassments in public due to smoking. Adding to all of this, it is claimed that the vapor produced by the e-cigs does not contain any of the harmful chemicals which are otherwise found in the regular cigarettes making it a way better option of smoking than the conventional cigarettes.

Another interesting thing about the electronic cigarettes which usually left the users surprised is the e-cigs prices. Usually the prices of such high tech devices are believed to be quite high but the e-cigs have proved to be otherwise. Looking into the e-cig market every smoker will find a brand suiting their pocket. The work is made easier by which introduces in its site the prices of every known electronic cigarettes brands. Now with the easy affordability of electronic cigarettes there is no reason left as why smokers still should continue with the regular harmful tobacco cigarettes.

E-cigs without any doubt is a new beginning for every smoker. With the freedom to smoke almost everywhere anytime, e-cigarettes have turned out to be more handy compared to their counter parts Electronic cigarette is not a new term. Since many years various medical institutes were trying to invent something like e-cigs. And finally in 2004, the electronic cigarette was successfully invented by aChinese pharmacist Hon Lik. And after that as they “rest is history”.

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