State of e Cigarette in 2012 Revealed; Us Tops Global Sales Ranking for e cigs

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Austin, TX -- (SBWIRE) -- 08/16/2012 -- Facts revealed the flourishing state of the e cigarette industry as of 2012. The United States of America was named as the country with the highest sales of electronic cigarette in the past years until now.

A list of facts from an e cigarette research team showed the growing number of people switching to using e cigarettes as of this year. It listed five top countries that use the electronic cigarette technology namely United States, Russia, India, UK and Germany respectively.

The top five countries have been noted through electronic cigarette sales made through the years. Other countries in Europe, collectively, have been in sixth place. The facts also show an increase in percentage of electronic cigarette use in these countries as years go by.

The US has remained on top of the ranking as the country with the largest population using electronic cigarettes. This result can be tantamount to the number of Americans who realized the importance of quitting tobacco smoking for a healthier lifestyle. But e cig manufacturers also linked the increase of people resorting to e cigs to the smoking bans in different states in America.

"Health can be one reason. Americans find e cigarettes less risky. The banning of traditional cigarette or tobacco in some states in the US can be another reason why Americans are switching to smoking e cigs," shared a representative from one of the growing electronic cigarette companies in the US when asked about his opinion on the issue.

Facts also show that Americans are more into disposable electric cigarettes than any other kinds of e cigs. Generally, Americans buy rechargeable electronic cigarette with disposable cartridges so they can save more.

"An Electronic cigarette is a great alternative as it gives me various choices but of the same sensation that my usual tobacco gives. But I prefer the rechargeable one with disposable cartridges. Compared to the cost of my usual tobacco habit, I saved a lot when I started switching to electronic cigarette," shared Joe Ramirez, a certified electronic cigarette user from Texas.

These facts are the reasons why the electronic cigarette industry in the US strives hard to give customers quality service.

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