E-cigarette: No Correlation to Heart Disease

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Albany, GA -- (SBWIRE) -- 09/13/2012 -- Debate between E-cigarettes and Tobacco advocates may intensify once again as a recent report by BusinessWeek presents that there is no correlation between the smokeless cigar usage and heart health.

Electronic cigarette is designed in such a way that would minimize the hazardous effect and as well as to totally eradicate some harmful elements present in consuming tobacco. E-cigar smokers are deemed to have lower level of nicotine compared to tobacco users as the toxin in the electronic stick is not easily absorbed by the body. The vaporized form of liquefied nicotine was achieved through the heating process of an atomizer, thereby eliminating the usual by-products of a traditional cigarette – residues, tar and smoky smell. Because of this, vapour cigar users will benefit more when it comes to a better health disposition in general. This is further magnified by the absence of nitrosamine, an element associated with cancer, which is found in tobacco.

Among the 2.5 million US e-cigarette smokers, are users who had adapted the product as an alternative to traditional smoking. Favourable responses were obtained when asked about their experience with the said stick. “Using electronic cigarette is wonderful. I was still able to enjoy smoking without worrying on its harmful effects,” replied Tony, smoker switcher from tobacco to smokeless cigar. Molly, who had just recently tried out electronic cigarette, said that, “I thought that e-stick would not even comes close to my tobacco experience, but to my surprise, it felt just like using a typical stick less the health risks.”

In Athens, Greece, a research conducted by Onassis Cardiac Surgery Center presented results in favour of the vapour cigar. The study, presented to the attendees of European Society of Cardiology which was held in Munich, showed no direct effect of the e-stick to heart health risks. The research employed a comparative test between smokers of traditional and vapour cigar whose health indicators were monitored after using their respective sticks. Test showed that the 20 typical cigarette participants obtained an adverse effect on the blood pressure as well as on the heart beat, whereas the 22 e-cigarette participants who smoked for seven minutes had little heart effects.

The said report and research made electronic cigarette another notch higher when it comes to alternatives in typical smoking.

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