Electronic Cigarettes' Positive Study Results May Challenge Tobacco Cigarettes Market Standing

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Atlanta, GA -- (SBWIRE) -- 09/13/2012 -- Electronic cigarettes gaining positive feedback due to studies may challenge tobacco cigarettes in the market.

Smoking, as much as it has been a long time habit for many individuals, is known to cause various health issues. Statistics presents how many people die yearly because of cigarette smoking-induced diseases. Today, however, more people are starting to switch to using electronic cigarettes.

Electric cigarettes have similar characteristics with conventional tobacco cigarettes but are deemed safer according to multiple studies. Numerous experts explored this product’s safety for daily use. Recently, experts presented two studies indicating positive findings in using electronic cigarettes.

The Seoul National University Hospital conducted a research about the effects of tobacco smoking and health risks to people. According to this study, heavy smoker, or defined as the individuals who smoke more than 20 cigarettes in a day, are prone to suffer from brain hemorrhage even after the quitting. Moreover, individuals who are still actively smoking the same number of cigarettes a day are three times prone to suffer from this health problem. A study on electronic cigarettes has also been conducted to draw out comparative data, which showed that they don’t put people’s health at risk even with regular use.

Another study conducted by the Onassis Cardiac Surgery Center stated that utilizing electronic cigarettes don’t present negative effects to people unlike tobacco cigarettes. Knowing these results today drew people into conclusion that e cigarettes are the perfect alternatives to typical cigarettes.

The number of smokers witching to e-cigs is expected with the fact that many experts prove its safe features. But while positive findings on tests are presented in the market, it can also bring some problems to tobacco cigarette manufacturers. The electronic version may take over the market and result to decreased sale for the typical version.

Consumers may have a basis on this speculation. With lesser health risk to people, it’s highly probable that more smokers will buy electronic cigarettes than before. Moreover, numerous brands compete in the market like Premium electronic cigarette present different, high-class e-cig products and accessories that will surely fit smokers’ needs and preferences like flavors.

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